The Best Xbox 360 & Xbox One Apps



ESPN is the most popular and most entertaining sports network there is. Every college dorm room that includes more than one male has probably sat through hours of ESPN’s up-to-the-minute reports on the sports world. Those same dudes should download the ESPN app to their Xbox 360/Xbox One so they can see all of its great original programming and sports news reporting.



Machinima is a great website/YouTube channel that showcases a nice variety of programs that primarily focus on gaming. There’s original shows like the Street Fighter live-action series, Two Best Friends Play…, Gamer Poop, Bro Team and many more entertaining series to watch unfold. Plus there’s a nice selection of game trailers and console comparison videos to check out.



Just like Machinima, GameTrailers is known for its great offering of brand new game trailers and original shows. The GT Countdown vids are always a fun watch, along with Seedlings, Angry Video Game Nerd, Pop Fiction, Pac-Attack! and more. You should primarily download this app just so you can check out GT’s quality reviews.

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Major League Gaming


Ever heard of MLG? Major League Gaming is one of the premier gaming broadcasting networks out there. And now you can check out your favorite veteran and new pro-gaming players as they compete on the MLG circuit. E-Sports is getting bigger and bigger. Join the movement and download that MLG app ASAP.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central

There’s going to be those nights where you just wanna get a few good laughs in. The Comedy Central app is the perfect remedy for those types of evenings. You’ll get to check out quick highlights of your favorite comedians and view live Comedy Central shows as they’re happening on live TV.


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