Top 5 Best Amazon Kindle Fire Apps & Games

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Owners of Amazon‘s Kindle Fire tablets are always on the lookout for new apps. Here are our top picks for some of the best Kindle Fire apps and mobile games.

(Note: A number of these apps are included in Amazon’s bundle of 31 free, popular apps. The 48-hour sale starts Friday, June 27. You can see the full list of limited-time only freebies right here on Amazon. Even when the price goes back up, these apps and games are worth having.

1. Dungeon Village

If you’ve played one Kairosoft game, you’ve played them all. That being said, there are some features in Dungeon Village that make it better than many other Kairosoft strategy and resource allocation games. One key feature is the reliance on blending mechanics, which is something will really appeal to sword and sorcery fans. Plus, you know, dragons. Dragons make everything better.

Get this app here.

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Great quests and sense of world-building
  • Varied gameplay mechanics keep things fresh
  • Cute retro-style graphics
  • No IAP

  • Cons:
  • Gameplay is too similar to other Kairosoft games
  • Hard to advance quickly
  • Limited sound design
  • Retro graphics may not appeal to all
  • Hard to master the first time round

  • 2. CLARC

    Check out a review of this game in the video above.

    Check out a trailer for this game in the video above.

    If you love puzzle games, CLARC is a must-play. CLARC combines complex spatial puzzles with arcade style action elements. CLARC, a robot who works as a janitor, must repair a factory on Mars.

    Get this app here.

  • Works with game controller accessories
  • Recent update supports GameCircle
  • 100+ brain-teasing puzzles
  • English, German, French, Spanish and Russian language support
  • Nice graphics

  • Cons:
  • Only about 10-12 hours of gameplay
  • Retro feel may not appeal to all
  • Story not as engaging as other games
  • Large download
  • Can be slow to install

  • 3.Watch ABC

    Check out a review of this app in the video above.

    ABC Network refurbished their app last year, adding a bunch of nice features. Since then, ABC has made even more improvements. As long as you’re a resident of New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Fresno, or one of the handful of other approved cities, you can also livestream local programming. This app allows you to pause shows and resume from where you left off. Closed captioning is also available.

    Get this app here.

  • Includes local programming in some markets
  • Also includes sports and weather
  • Great way to watch ABC shows on the go
  • Supports closed captioning
  • Lets you feel free from “appointment viewing” and get on with your life

  • Cons:
  • Limited to ABC programming (this is a no-brainer, but some people won’t download it for that very reason)
  • Still requires you to have cable in order to use the app
  • Requires internet connection
  • App can be somewhat hard to navigate
  • Some user reviews on other platforms have suggested ABC updates the app frequently to mask bad reviews

  • 4. Plex

    Amazon fans will appreciate the video above, which not only talks about Plex app functionality, but shows how Plex can work in a household with an Amazon Fire TV.

    Plex multi-purpose streaming service lets users stream music, videos, and view photos from any Plex-enabled device. Users can compile a list of movies, TV shows, or create personal videos that they can watch with friends or family members.

    Get this app here.

  • Nice interface
  • Great for home streaming of your digital library
  • Reliable
  • Organizes all personal media, not just video content
  • Provides nice images and art for your content

  • Cons:
  • Can sometimes need a reboot after extended watching of TV or movies
  • Costs money to download
  • Plex channel not strictly supported across all set top boxes
  • Some services require premium Plex Pass subscription
  • Does require a Plex media server set-up (free)

  • 5. Informant 3

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    (Informant 3)

    It’s really hard to justify spending more than $5 on an app, but Informant 3 is one of those rare apps that’s worth paying a premium for. Informant 3 is robust productivity suite that lets you view you calendar, notes, tasks, and contact list in one place. Newly re-designed to be more consistent with Informant for iOS, this app now makes it easier than ever for users on both platforms to keep track of their data.

    Get this app here.

  • Evernote Sync now available
  • Multi-select in Settings to easily delete, move or edit details
  • Based on over a decade of mobile calendar experiences
  • You don’t have to delete the previous iteration of the app to install the new one
  • Fast download and install

  • Cons:
  • Interface can be a little busy/overwhelming
  • Older versions of the Kindle Fire may have issues with syncing
  • Some users have noted Google calendar sync issues
  • Some user reviews note issues when Wi-Fi connection is out
  • Auto-dial for conference calls may not work cleanly

  • Don’t own a Kindle Fire yet? You can see pricing options here.


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