Top 5 Best Android Games of June 2014

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Love playing games on your Android device? These five games are our favorites for the month of June. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a fan of casual titles, this list has something that will pique your interest.

1. Hitman Go

Check out the launch trailer for Hitman GO in the video above.

Hitman GO is a beautifully designed strategy game. In this turn-based game, you move around a 3D diorama and attempt to take down your enemies. Boasting a stunning design and multiple paths to successfully completing a level, this game has tremendous replay value.

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  • Works on any Android device running 2.3.3 and up
  • Gorgeous level design
  • Multiple strategies to consider
  • Fun secret passages to discover
  • Decent replay value

  • Cons:
  • Somewhat expensive for a mobile game, especially given the length of the game
  • Slow-paced strategy may not appeal to those looking for a more action-y experience
  • Puzzle load time may vary based on device
  • Some users have reported game makes their phone run hot
  • Can quickly drain battery with prolonged play

  • 2. Overkill Mafia

    Check out some gameplay footage from Overkill Mafia in the video above.

    Overkill Mafia has a bold graphic look that evokes black and white comics like Sin City. This cool game is set during Prohibition in Chicago. You’ll need to grow your bootlegging business from a street-level business to a glamorous crime empire. With tons of action, a unique visual flair, and plenty of weapons, this action game is a must-play.

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  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Great sense of period and style
  • Tons of action
  • Full-featured world with many side quests and cool paths
  • Awesome replay value

  • Cons:
  • Requires Android 4.0 or higher
  • Does have some bugs still
  • May be too violent for some younger players
  • Game may be too intense to run smoothly on low-end phones
  • Some users have reported they lost progress after freezes

  • 3. The Sandbox

    Check out some gameplay from The Sandbox in the video above.

    The Sandbox is a really cool game that lets you build a world, pixel by pixel. There are over 150 elements you can combine for different physical effects, and plenty of tutorials to help this game feel simple and unintimidating. This game will appeal to those with a great sense of imagination, as well as fans of retro games and pixel art.

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  • The Robocalypse campaign is free for all (and it is exclusive to Android)
  • Winner of multiple awards
  • Over 150 elements you can combine for different physical effects
  • Great tutorials
  • 13 Individual Campaigns, 181 levels

  • Cons:
  • May not appeal to those who are already deep into other world building games
  • Retro graphics may not appeal to all tastes
  • Somewhat limited language localization options
  • Some users have reported data loss or crashes
  • Progress is slow if you refuse to make IAPs

  • 4. Dungeons of Evilibrium RPG

    Dungeons of Evilibrium is a card battle RPG with strategy elements. Collect cards, evolve them, and build a card deck that would be the envy of any army. Dungeons of Evilibrium was updated on June 4, and now has fewer bugs, new stories, new artifacts, and nine new cards.

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  • Fun
  • Great collectible aspect
  • Good replay value
  • Fun mechanics and unique skills
  • High-res graphics

  • Cons:
  • Treasures/gifts can be slow to arrive
  • Multiple users have complained about connectivity problems
  • Upgrades take a long time
  • Hardcore strategy fans may find this title to be low on the challenge scale
  • May run slowly on older/low-end devices

  • 5. Heroes of Camelot

    Check out a trailer for Heroes of Camelot in the video above.

    Can’t get enough card games? Heroes of Camelot is a cool multiplayer RPG that lets you collect and battle with cards. If you love Arthurian myth, RPGs, or multiplayer games, this is a must-play title. The hunt for the Holy Grail has never seemed so cool.

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  • Journey through 10 Arthurian Britain cities and over 80 stages
  • Supported on tablets of all makes and sizes
  • Millions of players
  • Nice graphics
  • Addictive gameplay

  • Cons:
  • Takes up a large amount of space
  • Some users have reported lost/undelivered
  • May feel to cash-driven for some
  • A bit simplistic for some
  • Quite similar to other card battle games

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