Top 5 Best Apps for Sex Tips

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Looking for the hottest sex tips? These iPhone and Android apps are packed with great ideas that will have you and your partner screwing like bunnies whenever you get the chance.

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Check out our list of the best sex toys on the market right now, including toys for both solo and couples play.

1. iKamasutra

iKamasutra (HD!) iPhone/Touch Review!iKamasutra is a kinky new play for iPhone users in need of "positions" to spice up their sex life. When I was contacted to do a review of this application, I was skeptical about doing it as it isn't the normal type of review I usually handle. But after handling it for the past couple…2010-04-13T07:11:37Z

Check out a review of this cool app in the video above.

If you want to be inspired by sex positions from exotic places, iKamasutra is a great introduction to advanced erotic positions. You can shake your phone to see a random position, or choose from over 100 positions based on factors like intimacy or strength required. There’s nothing more erotic than the Kama Sutra, and this app is way more fun to use than a boring old book on the subject. Plus, you can see sex positions from some of your favorite Hollywood movies.

Download iKamasutra for iPhone here.

Download iKamasutra for Android here.


  • 110 of the most popular sexual positions are included
  • Includes sitar music to get you into the mood
  • Shake the phone to get a random position
  • Used by over 20 million people
  • App can be password protected

  • Cons:

  • Additional positions cost money to unlock
  • Social integration unlikely to appeal to all users
  • Plenty of filters, but some may not be that helpful
  • Some users want more swipe gestures and controls
  • Novice-Master ranking adds little value

  • 2. Cosmopolitan’s Sex Position of the Day

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    If you want to spice up your sex life, Cosmo’s guide to new and exciting sex positions is a must-have on your phone. You can also send the app as a gift to another person, right from within the app. This is a subtle way to hint to your partner you wanna get frisky and creative.

    Download Cosmopolitan’s Sex Position of the Day for Android here.

    Download Cosmopolitan’s Sex Position of the Day for iPhone here.


  • Great interface
  • Fun and flirty tone
  • Includes links to relevant Cosmo articles, giving you additional info
  • Fun way to discover creative sex positions
  • Reasonably priced

  • Cons:

  • Many users have experienced crash bugs in the Android version
  • Some users have stated the iPhone version is a richer experience
  • May be redundant to regular readers of the Cosmo magazine
  • Written for women, may not appeal to some men
  • Rating system could benefit from more robust options

  • 3. Sex Roulette

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    (Sex Roulette)

    If you’re looking for an Android app that will help you spice up your lovemaking, the fun suggestions in Sex Roulette can help you heat things up in the bedroom. This app turns boring sex into a fun game, though it should be noted that this brand-new app does require you to have some additional sexy supplies on hand (such as fruit, candles, a blindfold, etc.)

    Download Sex Roulette for Android here.


  • Great interface
  • Fun way to add some new moves to your foreplay routine
  • Works on older Android devices (requires 2.2 and up)
  • Takes up a fairly small amount of space on your device
  • Has a 5.0 rating on Google Play as of this writing

  • Cons:

  • Does not appear to have an iPhone companion app
  • Requires a long laundry list of items, may limit your spontaneity
  • App is still version 1.0, may have some unaddressed glitches
  • High Google Play rating based on a small pool of user reviews
  • Foreplay suggestions may not appeal to all people

  • 4. Kissing Tips

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    (Kissing Tips)

    Kissing is a huge part of what makes someone a great lover. If you want to step up your kissing game, this helpful app has a great list of do’s and don’ts that can help you become a kissing master. Remember: if you can’t kiss well, you’re gonna have a harder time getting someone to go to bed with you.

    Download Kissing Tips for Android here.


  • Tons of helpful tips
  • Nice UI
  • Plenty of visual aids
  • Improves your game for both hookups and long-term relationships
  • Easy to use

  • Cons:

  • Is long overdue for an update
  • No iPhone version (though iOS has many apps that are similar)
  • May have too many articles/links to appeal to some users
  • Could use some cosmetic changes to feel more current
  • May not appeal to those who are already great kissers

  • 5. Yoga Poses For Better Sex

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    (Yoga Poses For Better Sex)

    Everybody likes to joke that sex burns calories, but CNN reports that you can burn up to 100 calories during a half hour session, particularly if the sex is physically active. Adding some yoga poses into your sex life is a great way to burn calories, enhance stamina or flexibility, and just keep things feeling fresh. This app provides a description of each position, as well as a visual reference.

    Download Yoga Poses For Better Sex here.


  • Free app
  • Good blend of written and visual instructions
  • Helps your burn more calories during sex
  • Nice UI
  • Packed with tons of ideas and suggestions

  • Cons:

  • Yoga Poses For Better Sex does not appear to be available for iPhone
  • Search filters could be made more robust
  • New-ish app on Version 1.0, may have some undiagnosed bugs
  • Some positions may be too difficult for some couples
  • Some positions could use more detail in terms of history, variations, fitness level, etc.

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