Top 5 Best iPhone Apps of June 2014

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June 2014 saw the release of some epic new iPhone apps. We’ve picked the top 5 best iPhone apps of June 2014. Below, you can find our favorite apps, as well as critiques of their best and worst features.

1. Yo.

Learn more about the Yo. app in the video above.

We’ve written about Yo previously. For the initiated, Yo. is an app that lets you send a push notification to your friends that simply reads, “Yo.” That’s it. Love it or hate it, this simple app is one of the biggest apps to launch in June.

Download this iPhone app here.

  • Syncs easily with contacts
  • Takes way fewer taps than traditional messaging apps
  • Nice UI
  • Fun communication tool that has more applications that you might originally think
  • On-trend

  • Cons:
  • It only says “Yo.”
  • App has had some security issues
  • Now has a login mechanism (as of Version 1.0.6)
  • App parameters feel limiting to some
  • Backwards compatibility as far back as iOS 5.1.1 seems unnecessary, considering the near universal adoption of iOS 7.0

  • 2. Acompli Email & Calendar

    Learn more about this productivity app in the video above.

    Acompli Email & Calendar is far from the only email and calendar app you’ll find on the App Store. That being said, this fresh app offers a suite of excellent features that make it one of the best apps in its class. The calendar function lets you share available meeting times, schedule meetings, or get reminders, and is “tightly integrated” with your email.This app is especially appealing to people with vast inboxes, or those who have a lot of attachments in their inbox.

    As of this writing, the most recent version of this app is Version 1.0.7, which includes a new “inbox zero” screen, stability improvements, and improved calendar notifications. If you haven’t tried this app yet, now would be a smart time to give it a trial.

    Download this iPhone app here.

  • No need to switch between separate email and calendar apps
  • Nice UI
  • Has had many improvements made since launch
  • Saves you time, reduces stress
  • Send large files from your mobile inbox even if you haven’t downloaded them to your phone

  • Cons:
  • Some features, like “share your location” may be a turn-off for the privacy obsessed
  • May not be able to be customized to fit all user preferences
  • Some users have reported a delay in emails showing up in their inbox
  • Could benefit from added swipe/gesture controls
  • Some users have requested integrated cloud storage connections

  • 3. Circular+

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    Circular+ will appeal to fans of photography and visual art. Using this app, a person can create cool, circular-style creations. This app is a great way to create custom wallpaper to use on your iPhone, or simply to stave off boredom on a long car or train ride. If you love abstracted art, this is a new app that’s worth a look.

    Download this iPhone app here.

  • Professional effects: lens flares, sky objects, and centers
  • Offers cool lens textures
  • Fast and responsive editing
  • Allows you to express yourself creatively, even with minimal photographic/artistic talent
  • Check out the print option in Circular under the “Share Menu”. Use code CIRC14 at checkout to get a wall-sized print of your creation

  • Cons:
  • Max image size is a paltry 2048×2048 pixels
  • Interface may confuse some users at first
  • You may have a “tiny planet” app that you prefer over this
  • Could benefit from additional photo effects and images
  • May be more fun to mess around with on the larger screen of an iPad

  • 4. Sicher

    Learn more about this secure, cross-platform app in the video above.

    Sicher is a secure messaging app that will appeal to people who value privacy. In addition to encrypting your messages, this German-made communications app can also encrypt files and documents. The developers state on the App Store page for Sicher that they “don’t send crash logs, don’t track usage statistics, don’t use any advertising engines, [and] don’t integrate social network SDKs.”

    Download this iPhone app here.

  • No messages or files are ever transferred unencrypted
  • Push notifications are anonymous
  • Nice UI
  • Supports group chats
  • Password-protected app

  • Cons:
  • Does require at least iOS 7.0, which is bad news for the small fraction of users still rocking iOS 6 or earlier
  • New app, may still have a few bugs that need to be sorted out
  • Self-destruct settings can be altered in Settings menu
  • More options for sorting/organizing messages would be a nice touch
  • May still not seem secure enough to the seriously privacy-obsessed

  • 5. LinkedIn Job Search

    In the video above, Jeff Altman discusses the features of the new LinkedIn Job Search app and how NOT to use it.

    Brand new for the month of June, LinkedIn Job Search is an app that pretty much does what the title suggests. You can use this new app to track down interesting job opportunities that match your skill set. Whether you are seriously looking to make a career change, or just seeing what else might be out there, this is a helpful app for job seekers.

    Download this iPhone app here.

  • Nice resource for job hunters
  • Get automatic recommendations and notifications based on your searches
  • Fast way to respond to open job postings
  • Your in-app activity can’t be seen by those reviewing your LinkedIn profile
  • Quick and easy search based on title, location, or keywords

  • Cons:
  • Some users may want nothing to do with this app based on some of LinkedIn’s past policies
  • App is buggy/crashy
  • Some users report certain app elements load at the wrong size
  • Limited attachment options
  • Could benefit from more robust filters