Top 5 Best New Free Android Games

Atlantis Adventure

(Cross Horizon)

Looking for some fresh, free games to play on your Android device? These are our top five picks for the best new, free games for Android.

1. Cross Horizon

Check out the trailer for this game in the video above.

Cross Horizon is a free RPG with nice graphics and an interesting story. If you love epic battles and creative character designs, this role playing game is intriguing. Unlike a lot of other RPGs on Google Play, this game has little reliance on IAP…though you can still make purchases if the mood strikes you. Overall, this epic fantasy is bound to appeal to fans of fantasy games and JRPGs.

Buy it here.

  • Attack monsters in real time
  • Fun fight mechanics
  • Nice graphics
  • Not overly reliant on IAP
  • Great for older devices/lower end devices (requires just Android 2.2 and up)

  • Cons:
  • Some plot points may feel contrived or overly similar to other RPG titles
  • A few users have experienced loss of saves/game data
  • Character customization options are good, but could be improved
  • Story may not grip you right out of the gate
  • World feels somewhat closed and limited at times

  • 2. Racing Rivals

    Check out the official trailer for Racing Rivals in the video above.

    For racing fans, one of the most appealing new racing games is Racing Rivals. Updated on June 6, Racing Rivals boasts a new and improved user interface. In addition, the devs have taken steps to reduce network and memory use in the game, which provides players with a smoother racing experience.

    Racing Rivals features a whole host of officially licensed cars from the real world, including cars from makers like McLaren, Subaru, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Ford, RWB, Scion, BMW, and Acura. If you thrive on fast-paced races, this game is a clear winner.

    Buy it here.

  • Tons of officially licensed cars
  • Supports nine languages
  • Nice social sharing features
  • Place bets or engage in turf wars, adding more drama to each race
  • Nice graphics

  • Cons:
  • Known issue on Samsung devices that run on 4.4.2, which can cause random crashes (devs have pushed a fix that should address this)
  • Racing Rivals requires an internet connection to play
  • RAM requirements are much higher for Android users on 4.0 or higher than for earlier operating systems
  • Some users have reported crashes/freezes
  • Lose a car in a race bet? You have to pay in real cash to get it back

  • 3. Wonder Wood

    Updated on June 13, Wonder Wood is a relatively recent addition to Google Play. In this cute game, you must help a group of woodland critters to repopulate the forest with lots of cuddly animals. This game is likely to appeal to fans of cartoon animals, as well as younger players.

    Wonder Wood blends a lot of different gameplay elements together into a cohesive package, so people who like everything from virtual pet games to resource management games to kid’s games will find something here to enjoy.

    Buy it here.

  • Cute character design
  • Simple gameplay
  • Holds 4.0 ranking on Google Play as of this writing
  • Endless gameplay for all ages
  • Easy to get free crystals

  • Cons:
  • Can’t exchange crystals for gold
  • Internet connection required for some features
  • May not be challenging enough for veteran strategy gamers
  • Some users have reported freezes
  • Some users have reported issues with Facebook and issues with getting their crystals

  • 4. Atlantis Adventure

    Updated on June 13, Atlantis Adventure boasts over 100 levels. As of the most current version (1.5.2), the pesky issue that caused coins to go missing has been resolved: just reload the game and any missing coins will be returned to you.

    If you’re into match-three games, Atlantic Adventure provides the match-three gameplay you love alongside nice graphics and cool in-game special effects. Additionally, the game syncs with three social networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook.

    Buy it here.

  • Has a 4.3 rating on Google Play as of this writing
  • Nice social integration
  • Play casually, or push yourself to get a three-star rating in every level
  • Attractive glasses
  • Addictive gameplay

  • Cons:
  • Some users have reported crashing incidents
  • Doesn’t bring much new gameplay to the genre
  • Multiple users have complained that it’s hard to remember what all the boosters do
  • Some users have complained game updates take a long time to install
  • A handful of users have reported the game can get “stuck” on a level

  • 5. City Domination

    Learn more about City Domination in the video above.

    If you are obsessed with films like Goodfellas or The Godfather, the mob action of City Domination is gonna be right up your alley. In City Domination, mafia gangs vie for control of your hometown.

    The developers describe this game as a combination of Ingress, Risk, and Clash of Clans. City Domination is a geo-located strategy game that lets you feel like you really own a corner of the real city where you live. Join guilds, use diplomacy to take over areas nearby, and develop an army.

    Buy it here.

  • Fun intersection of fantasy and reality
  • Great for mafia fans
  • Works on any device running Android 2.2 or later
  • Nice UI
  • Great game to play with friends

  • Cons:
  • New mission system that will allow for better progress won’t drop until later this month
  • Multiple users have reported crashes
  • Not all players want real world geography to impact their gameplay
  • Some users have had issues with account set-up
  • Sponsor system may not appeal to all players

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