Top 5 Best Websites For Designing Custom Phone Cases

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Whether your smartphone is an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy S5, or something else entirely, chances are you’ll want a case that protects your investment. But why settle for the same boring cases everyone else has? The following websites offer custom phone cases that will help you express your personality.

1. Skinit

Skinit Custom inkFusion Pro Case for iPhone 5sThis is the overview video of the Skinit customized case for iPhone 5S. I created the two cases on their website and received them after a couple of days. You can read our full review at

Check out a review of a Skinit case in the video above.

Skinit is a popular site for designing your own custom phone cases. Users can create their own cases or skins using artwork from Skinit’s immense design and licensed brand library, or by uploading their own images via the Skinit Customizer tool. Skinit has one of the largest license and design libraries for its cases and skins. NFL™, NBA™, NHL™, MLB, and college sports are all represented, along with military, DC Comics, and Harry Potter images.

New for 2014 are the Skinit inkFusion cases. The Skinit inkFusion hard shell cases feature color-rich printing, and the design wraps edge-to-edge around the device. In addition to phone cases, you can also find customization options for gaming consoles, laptops, and headphones.

2. DecalGirl

DecalGirl Skin Kits for iPhone 4 & 4S Installation Guide and Review | UnboxholicsThis is the review and installation guide for the DecalGirl Skin Kits (iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S). Enjoy! Follow Unboxholics on social networks: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: The best quality unboxing and presentation videos, directly from Second Floor Studio! Subscribe to Unboxholic's channel for more unboxing videos and presentations:

Check out a review of a DecalGirl iPhone skin the video above.

DecalGirl offers a huge array of custom phone covers, including both cases and skins. The company actually started out as a designer of custom skins for $100,000 sports cars, which says a lot about the quality of their product.

The smartphone skins apply very easily, and can be removed without leaving any sticky residue. Major smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung are represented, along with phones from companies like LG, Sony, HP, Kyocera, and many more. In addition to cases and skins for your phone itself, DecalGirl also offers skins for cases from respected brands like Lifeproof and OtterBox.

Even if you have a “budget” smartphone, there’s a case or skin option on this site that will make your device look premium and totally luxe. DecalGirl also offers skins for laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and other consumer electronics. You can create your own case or skin from your favorite photos or images, or choose from hundreds of existing options. When you order a skin or case from them, you’ll also get a file with a matching device wallpaper to coordinate with your purchase.

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3. Etsy

PRODUCT REVIEW: A CUSTOMIZED PHONE CASE FROM CALIS CASES, A STORE ON ETSYPRODUCT REVIEW: A CUSTOMIZED IPHONE 4 CASE FROM CALIS CASES, A STORE ON ETSY Coupon code The coupon will be called "MARIAYOUTUBE" and when you purchase on etsy you simply type in that code and they will receive 10% off so the cases will only cost $15. store link FOR BUSINESS INQUIRES EMAIL…2013-01-16T06:39:20Z

The video above features a review of a custom phone case from the Etsy store Cali’s Cases.

You might think of Etsy as the exclusive domain of crafters and jewelers, but there are tons of Etsy sellers who offer some pretty cool custom phone cases. There are tons of unique options to choose from on Etsy. Some notable sellers you might want to check out include Simply Monogram, BtyCase, and the bling-tastic SparklexGlamxDesigns.

4. Case-Mate

My Case-Mate DIY custom case.My Custom made Cowboy Bebop case-mate DIY case. I kind of messed up with the picture and got a red frame on one of the sides, but I'm warming up to it and the case looks amazing otherwise.2010-10-14T23:18:11Z

The video above features one happy customer’s DIY phone case from Case-Mate.

Case-Mate offers a cool DIY experience for those looking to customize a phone case. There are three main case options, which run the gamut from a $40 “barely there” case to a $50 “tough extreme” option with extra shock absorption that’s up to US military grade.

Once you select your case style, you can add text, a design, or photos to the back of the case. You can add a single photo, a “photo booth”-style roll of images, or a grid of your favorite snapshots. The only downside here is the comparatively small pool of case options. Unless you own an iPhone, Samsung phone, or BlackBerry, you probably won’t find the case you’re looking for here.

5. Vistaprint

Custom case – vista print – review, READ DESCSo yh this is a video you wouldn't normally expect from me, was thinking about doing a give away if you would be interested in this because you generally like the case, then post in the comment bellow "TMBR" and I will think about doing the give away also make sure you like the video…2014-01-20T15:19:15Z

The video above showcases a custom phone case made by using Vistaprint. It also gives you a look at how the phone will be packaged when it is shipped to you.

Vistaprint‘s iPhone cases start at just $9.99 for their lightweight case. A more rugged case is available for a bit more money.

Perhaps best known for their business cards, the phone cases from Vistaprint can be augmented with images, text, or business logos. Vistaprint also supports the creation of Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 cases. Vistaprint might be your best option if you are creating a large order of phone cases to give away as promotional items for your business, rather than ordering just one case for personal use.

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