WATCH: Amazon Video Teases Upcoming 3D Smartphone

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos (pictured above) will be leading the launch event for Amazon’s upcoming smartphone. Check out the video above to see Amazon’s teaser of its upcoming smartphone.

While the device itself isn’t pictured, you can see how a variety of people react to the device.

Yahoo! notes that Amazon’s phone is expected to have some cool features, including 3D functionality. Yahoo!’s summary of the teaser video notes:

“Amazon is teasing the product in a new video, which shows a handful of beta testers reacting enthusiastically to an off-screen device. Some of the users can be seen swaying side-to-side while using the gadget, giving weight to the rumor that Amazon’s smartphone will sport advanced eye-tracking technology that creates glasses-free 3D images via four cameras. Using this tech, users may be able to see everything from wallpapers to street maps in 3D, with each application changing based on the viewer’s perspective. “

The Verge adds that Amazon’s upcoming smartphone is a device that is likely to turn heads and win over consumers, at least based on the success it has found in the tablet market.

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos will be on hand at the launch event for the new phone. The event will take place on June 18th in Seattle. Anyone can request an invite to attend. To request an invite, visit this link to fill out a brief application form.

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