Yo App: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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An app that is simply called Yo. is climbing up the App Store charts after being featured on Stephen Colbert‘s late night show. Here’s what you need to know about this simple social app.

1. Yo. Is An App That Lets You Say ‘Yo.’ to Your Friends

App That Sends 'Yo' Greetings Somehow Raises $1MDeveloper Or Arbel's app does one simple thing: sends the word "Yo" to people on your contacts list. Arbel has raised $1 million from investors. Follow Mikah Sargent twitter.com/MikahSargent See more at newsy.com Sources: Know Your Meme knowyourmeme.com/memes/xzibit-yo-dawg ThinkProgress thinkprogress.org/economy/2014/06/18/3450334/yo-app-tech-bubble/ Twitter twitter.com/rrhoover/statuses/477830605925646336 Time time.com/2894862/yo-app-messenger/ Image via: ThinkProgress thinkprogress.org/economy/2014/06/18/3450334/yo-app-tech-bubble/2014-06-18T20:37:22Z

Learn more about the Yo. app in the video above.

Available for Android or iPhone, the Yo. app simply accesses your contacts, allows you to pick a person to send a “Yo.” greeting to, and then sends that person a push notification. There’s no typing involved, and the app is not capable of sending any other greetings. For now, the app is US-only.

2. Yo. Was Featured on Stephen Colbert’s TV Show

Yo. was featured on Stephen Colbert’s late night TV show. In addition, Colbert also sent out a funny tweet about the service, as seen above.

3. Yo. Has Been Hacked Multiple Times

According to TechCrunch, Yo. was hacked by college students. Yo has confirmed the hack. TechCrunch writes:

“A Georgia Tech student, together with two of his roommates, claims to have hacked Yo…The student emailed TechCrunch detailing what he alleges is the results of the hack: ‘We can get any Yo user’s phone number (I actually texted the founder, and he called me back). We can spoof Yo’s from any users, and we can spam any user with as many Yo. We could also send any Yo user a push notification with any text we want (though we decided not to do that).’

Meanwhile, a Vine video has emerged from Vine user Hako, of the Yo sounding out a snap of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ instead of it’s normal ‘Yo!’ sound.”

Quartz adds that at least one hacker was also able to make Yo. send out a message other than, well, “Yo.”

4. Yo. Was Downloaded Over 300,000 Times

According to CBS News, Yo. has earned $1 million from investors, and has been downloaded at least 150,000 times. A more recent update from Quartz notes that the number of downloads has increased to at least 300,000.

5. Yo. App Was Built in 8 Hours By a Guy From Israel

ThinkProgress.org writes that Yo.’s creator Arbel took just eight hours to create the app:

“Arbel, who built the app three months ago, has quit his job and moved halfway around the world — from his native Israel to San Francisco — to work on Yo full time. He’s opening an office, hiring staff and seeking “strategic partners.””

Mashable adds that Yo. has been flying up the App Store charts. As of Thursday morning, Yo. was ranked No. 47 in Apple’s App Store. This put it ahead of Facebook’s new app Slingshot, which was ranked at No. 50.

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