AHOY App: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


AHOY is the latest clone of the Yo. messaging app to hit the App Store and Google Play Store. AHOY is a simple app that lets you send a quick “AHOY” to friends. Here are 5 fast facts you need to know about the new messaging app for iOS and Android.

1. AHOY App is a Clone of Yo. Messaging App


There are many apps that can lead to copycats – some can either be terrible or brilliant. Yo, a simple app that lets you send a quick “Yo” to friends, is one of those apps, with a few copycats in the App Store and Google Play. AHOY is one of the latest clones of Yo. messaging app.

2. AHOY Lets You Send a Quick AHOY to Friends

AHOY, lets you send a quick AHOY to friends along with sending your current location. AHOY’s iOS app is very similar to Yo. Simply create an account and invite your friends via SMS. Once you send out an AHOY message, your friends will receive a push notification that says, “AHOY” along with your current location. You can also post an AHOY to your Facebook and Twitter account.

3. AHOY Was Created by Confide, Inc.

AHOY was created by employees at Confide, Inc. According to an interview with Mashable, Brod, says, “It is a total weekend project. We were enjoying Yo and one of our engineers said it would be interesting if we added location to this….They literally built this thing in 30 hours.”

4. Confide is Run By Jon Brod, a Former AOL Executive


Jon Brod has worked as a senior executive for over 20+ years. Jon has worked at companies like the NBA, IAC, and AOL. He launched a new startup called Confide that released an app by the same name that lets anyone send private messages that disappear after they’re sent.

5. AHOY App is Available for iOS & Android

The AHOY app is currently available for iOS and Android. You can download the AHOY app from the App Store and Google Play.

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