Bart Tichelman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Alix Tichelman‘s father is Bart Tichelman, a tech sector executive. Alix Tichelman is suspected of murdering Google exec Forrest Hayes. Learn more about both Tichelmans right here.

1. Bart Tichelman Is Alix Tichelman’s Dad

alix catherine tichelman


Alix Catherine Tichelman is suspected of murdering Google exec Forrest Hayes. The police say that Tichelman injected heroin into Hayes, who then suffered an overdose. Tichelman then left the scene without even trying to help Hayes.

Tichelman and Hayes had a relationship, which began after the two met on the “sugar daddy” website Seeking Arrangement. According to KSBW, Hayes lived with his family in a mansion valued at $4 million. Hayes met with Alix Tichelman on his private yacht, which is named “Escape.”

Bart Tichelman’s Crunchbase profile indicates that the Tichelman family consists of Bart’s wife, Leslieann, and two daughters, Alix and Monica.

2. Bart Tichelman Loves Poker

Pretty much the only thing Bart Tichelman seems to tweet about is poker. His twitter profile is almost entirely composed of photos and tweets about the game. Poker News notes that Tichelman’s World Series of Poker winnings are in excess of $430,000.

3. Bart Tichelman Has Years of Tech Expertise

SynapSense Data Center Active Control™SynapSense Active Control™ provides immediate energy savings and increased efficiency by continuously aligning cooling capacity with changes in IT load. SynapSense leverages a granular deployment of leading edge wireless sensors used to measure server inlet temperature and subfloor pressure differential to dynamically manage CRAH temperature set points and variable fan speeds. This unique approach to…2011-03-08T21:09:59Z

Bart Tichelman is the president and chief executive officer of SynapSense, and the CEO at New Paradigm Partners. Learn more about SynapSense in the video above.

According to Business Week, the company provides data center infrastructure management solutions for businesses to optimize their data centers.

His CrunchBase profile reveals that he has worked for a number of other tech companies as well:

“Mr. Tichelman has over 30 years of experience in technology companies, the last 16 being in clean-tech. As CEO, he led two clean-tech companies to successful exits; Statpower Technologies was sold to Xantrex Technology in 1999, and Serveron Corporation was sold to BPL Global in 2007. He was also CEO and on the Board of ARISE Technologies. Most recently he assisted an Atlanta start-up, solar power project developer Renewvia Energy.”

Tichelman also worked as a branch manager for IBM.

4. Bart Tichelman Appeared at His Daughter’s Arraignment

alix catherine tichelman


Tichelman appeared at Alix Tichelman’s arraignment on July 16. ABC News reports that Tichelman’s mother and sister also appeared in court. None of the Tichelman family made any comment on the case.

5. Bart Tichelman Has Not Commented on Alix’s Charges

alix catherine tichelman


To date, Bart Tichelman has not made comment on the charges facing his daughter, Alix. Tichelman appears to have ignored requests from various media outlets to make a comment.

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