Forrest Timothy Hayes: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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(Twitter/Forrest Hayes Memorial)

Google exec Forrest Timothy Hayes died on his yacht under mysterious circumstances. His alleged killer, Alix Catherine Tichelman, has been arrested. Police say that Tichelman and Hayes were engaged in a “pay for sex” relationship, and that Tichelman injected Hayes with an overdose of heroin. Here’s what you need to know about Hayes and the circumstances surrounding his demise.

1. Alix Tichelman Allegedly Watched Hayes Die

alix catherine tichelman


Tichelman, pictured above, allegedly provided Hayes with heroin. Tichelman reportedly injected Hayes with the drug while the two were on Hayes’ yacht in Santa Cruz. When Hayes began to overdose, Tichelman allegedly consumed a glass of wine and left the scene without calling 911.

USA Today reports on the crime, pulling info from news stations near the Santa Cruz area:

“‘She showed no regard for the victim. She showed no attempt to even try to render aid or get aid there to assist him,’ Santa Cruz Police Deputy Chief Steve Clark told KXTV-TV in Sacramento.

The boat’s captain found Hayes’ body the following morning.”

Tichelman may also have been involved in the death of former boyfriend Dean Riopelle, who died just months before Hayes. The investigation into Riopelle’s death has been reopened in the wake of Tichelman’s arrest.

2. Hayes Met Tichelman Through a ‘Sugar Daddy’ Website

alix Catherine Tichelman, google exec, Alix Tichelman, Forrest Timothy Hayes, forrest hayes, forrest hayes murder, forrest hayes memorial site

(Seeking Arrangement)

Business Insider reports that Hayes and Tichelman first connected through a “sugar daddy” website called SeekingArrangement.

Seeking Arrangement bills itself as “the leading Sugar Daddy dating site where over 3 million members fuel mutually beneficial relationships on their terms.” The “About Us” section of the site notes that Seeking Arrangement features users from 139 countries. The average time it takes for a new user to make a connection is five days.

3. Forrest Hayes Had a Memorial Site

alix Catherine Tichelman, google exec, Alix Tichelman, Forrest Timothy Hayes, forrest hayes, forrest hayes murder, forrest hayes memorial site

(Forrest Hayes Memorial Site)

On a memorial site set up after his death, friends and family have shared stories about Hayes. One story shared on the site revolves around Hayes and his somewhat unorthodox approach to vacation planning:

“A few years back shortly after his twins were born, he was planning a trip to Hawaii. We had recently completed an extremely challenging manufacturing ramp for one of the Apple products and, he certainly deserved a break! While a few of us were walking down the sidewalk near IL6, Forrest casually mentioned about how he was taking the whole family and the baby sitters along for the vacation. We paused for a second and tried to clarify – did you just say sitters? Like in ..more than one? With out any hesitation, he confirmed what he just said and went on to say ‘They too work hard ..and they deserve a break as well.’ He made sure that the baby sitters would enjoy the vacation just as much as he would and went out of his way to make sure they are part of the family vacation.”

The site has since been taken down by its owner, but you can still view the site via this Google cache.

4. Forrest Hayes Worked For Google & Apple

Forrest Timothy Hayes, forrest hayes google


According to the LA Times, Hayes was previously employed by big Silicon Valley companies like Google, Apple, and Sun Microsystems. The Daily Mail adds that Forrest Hayes also had work experience in the auto industry. His auto industry experience pre-dated his Silicon Valley days.

The Sacramento Bee notes that Hayes was involved in a number of high-profile projects at Google, including Google Glass and the Google X innovation lab. He was described as “practical” by his work colleagues.

5. Forrest Hayes Is Survived by 5 Kids, Wife

alix catherine tichelman


Despite the fact that Hayes allegedly spent his last moments on the planet next to Alix Tichelman (pictured above,) Hayes was widely perceived to be a devoted family man.

In his obituary, Hayes is said to have five children with his wife of 17 years, Denise. Hayes is said to have “passed away unexpectedly,” with the obituary making no mention of the drugs or salacious circumstances of his death. The yacht, however, does get a mention in the obit:

“Forrest will be remembered above all as a loving husband and father. More than anything else he enjoyed spending time with his family at home and on his boat. His brilliant mind, contagious smile, and warm embrace will be missed and cherished in memories by his friends and family.”

USA Today notes that it is somewhat ironic that Hayes was described by friends as “practical,” given the circumstances surrounding his death. USA Today added “friends writing remembrances [of Hayes] almost universally recall a caring boss with a deep passion for his family.”

The Daily Mail writes that Hayes had “other liaisons” with women, in addition to Alix Tichelman.

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