How to Save Links, Places and Music on Facebook

how to save on facebook

Facebook recently launched a new feature across its desktop, mobile and tablet apps that allows users to save links, places, movies, tv, music and events. This new bookmarking feature is very similar in functionality as other apps such as Pocket or Instapaper with the exception that it does not save cached sites for offline use. Here’s a quick guide how to save on Facebook.

How to Save Things

facebook save

Facebook on desktop and all of their mobile apps received an update for saving things for later consumption. On the News Feed of the desktop version or mobile app, simply click on the down arrow located on the upper right-hand corner of a shared link. You will see an option to save the link. Music, TV shows, movies, events and places will have a save button with a bookmark icon. By clicking the save button, all of your saved items will be collected in the ‘Saved’ section of Facebook. Everything you save will only be visible to you and no one else.

Retrieving Saved Items

If you are on a desktop browser, you can access all of your saved items on the left sidebar on your news feed with a button called ‘Saved,’ identified with a bookmark icon. On a mobile device, ‘Saved’ can be found in the ‘More’ menu under Favorites. When you reach the Saved section of Facebook, you can see all of your saved links separated by categories like Links, Music, Books, Places, etc. You can also select ‘All’ to view a combined list of all of your saved items. Each saved item will have the option to Share. To remove a saved item from your Saved list, select the ‘x’ button. This will move the item into an Archive list. To permanently delete a saved item from your Archive list, click the ellipsis icon and select ‘Delete.’