How to Use AirDroid to Manage Your Android Device From a Web Browser


AirDroid is an app that lets you manage your Android phone or tablet from a web browser. Here’s a guide on how to use AirDroid to find your missing phone and manage your Android device.

1. Download AirDroid App for Android

Head on over to the Play Store and download the AirDroid app. Once the app has downloaded, open up the app and create an account. When you first sign in the app, you will be asked if you want to turn on AirDroid’s ‘Find Phone’ feature. I would recommend turning this feature on now, so you don’t have to worry about setting up later on. To use a lot of the features discussed in this article, you will want to go to

2. Find Your Phone


If you lose your phone, you can use AirDroid to locate your device on a map. You need to make sure you activate the Device Manager, so it can find your phone. The Device Manager also allows you to be able erase data on your device, change the screen-unlock password, set password rules, monitor screen-unlock attempts, and control when the screen locks. Simply tap ‘activate’ and a message will pop-up saying your device is protected. Now that your device is protected, when you lose your phone, you can go to and tap the ‘Find My Phone’ icon or go to on another Android device.

3. Send & Receive Messages From Your Computer


If you want to send SMS using AirDroid it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is go to, sign in and click on messages. You can compose a new message by clicking on ‘new message’ in the top right-hand corner. Type in the person’s name and you can start chatting away. You can even create group chats by clicking on the ‘+”and selecting the people you want to chat with. You may even find that it’s a lot easier to send SMS from your computer because of the convenience of a full keyboard and large screen.

4. Take Screen Shots

You can take a screenshot of your Android Device by clicking on the ‘screenshot’ icon. If your device is rooted, just tap on ‘Allow’. If you haven’t received a notification from AirDroid, you will need to go to root management app, and manually grant AirDroid permission.

5. Manage All of Your Applications

You can easily see and manage all of your applications on your Android device by clicking on the Apps icon. If you’re looking to delete an app that’s taking up too much space, simply tap the delete icon and it will uninstalled immediately.

6. Checked Call Logs For Missed Phone Calls

If your Android device is in another room or you can’t find it, you can see if you missed any calls on Click on call logs and you can see all incoming, outgoing and missed phone calls. You can make phone calls by going to your contact list, selecting a contact and clicking on call.

7. Upload and Download Ringtones

AirDroid offers a large selection of ringtones that you can download for your Android device. Click on the Ringtones icon and you will see all of the ringtones on your device. To download a ringtone for your Android device to computer and just select the ringtone you want and click download. To upload ringtones, all you need to do is click on ‘upload’ in the right-hand corner and click ‘select files’. You can then search for the ringtones you want on your device. AirDroid supports mp3, ogg, and wav.

8. View and Manage Photos

You can easily view and manage photos on your Android device. Click on Photos and you will see the photos on your Android device. To upload photos, just click on the gallery and select the images you want and hit upload in the top right-hand corner. AirDroid currently supports png, jpg, gif, bmp and jpeg.

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