How to Use Jobr App to Find a Job


The new app Jobr has been described as the Tinder for jobs. If you’re currently seeking a new job, here’s how you can use Jobr to find a job and engage with recruiters.

1. Getting Started

Head on over to the iOS App Store to download Jobr. The app is not yet available for Android but you can get on the wait list. When you launch the app, you’re asked to log in with your LinkedIn login. Once you log in, Jobr will create a profile for you and you can start looking for jobs.

2. Look for Jobs


With Jobr, no searching is needed. The app does all of the searching for you. You will be presented with a series of job cards. Swipe the card to the right if you’re interested in the job or swipe left to dismiss the job. You can even swipe up to refer a friend to the job. If your friend gets hired, Jobr will pay you a $1000 referral fee.

If the recruiter who posted the job likes your profile, Jobr will alert you that a match has been made. Once you have a match, you and the recruiter can chat with each other through the Messages feature on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Enable Recruiter Mode


If you’re a recruiter looking to hire, you can enable Recruiter Mode. To do so, simply click on the ‘Menu’ icon and click ‘Recruiter Mode.’ You will be asked to create a job to post. Once your job is posted, you can begin swiping through potential candidates who best match the job description. If you’re interested in a candidate, and the candidate is interested in the job, Jobr will notify you with a match, and both of you can start chatting through the ‘Messages’ feature.

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