How to Use Pandora App to Create Personalized Radio Stations


Pandora Internet Radio for iOS or Android is a great way to discover new music. Here’s a guide on how to use Pandora app to create personalized radio stations.

1. Download the Pandora App

Head on over to the Play Store or App Store and download the Pandora app. Once the app has been downloaded, open up the app, register an account, and acknowledge Pandora’s terms of service to begin listening to music.

2. Edit Your Profile

You can edit your profile by tapping on ‘Profile.’ Here, you can upload your photo and edit your bio. You add can information such as About You, your Hometown, School and Employer.

3. Create a Station


You can easily create a station by entering your favorite artist, song or composer in the ‘Search’ box. Pandora will then create a radio station featuring artist you selected along with similar artists. You can also create stations by tapping on the ‘+’ icon.

If you want to edit a station on your Stations list, tap the station you want to edit, tap on the ellipsis and tap on ‘Add Variety.’ You can also add an additional artist to the playlist you selected. If you want to delete a station, swipe your finger to the left on the station and tap ‘Delete.’

4. Share Your Favorite Music Stations

If you want to share your favorite stations with your friends, simply tap on the station you want to share, tap on the ellipsis and tap ‘Share Station.’ You can share stations via email, Facebook and Twitter.

5. Shuffle Your Stations

With Pandora, you can shuffle your stations by tapping on ‘Shuffle’ at the top of your station list. You can also select which stations you want to play from a specific genre. Just check the box next to the station you want to add.

6. Set the Sleep Timer

You can set the sleep timer from the ‘Now Playing’ screen, and tap the ellipsis in the top right-hand corner to open the menu. Tap ‘Sleep Timer’ and set the amount of time you want Pandora to play for before stopping.

7. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

If you hear a song you like, tap the ‘thumbs-up’ icon and Pandora will add similar tracks to your station. If you tap ‘thumbs down,’ Pandora will skip to the next track..

8. Wake Up to Your Favorite Music


To wake up to your favorite music using Pandora’s Alarm Clock feature, simply tap on ‘Now Playing,’ tap on the ellipsis in the top right-hand corner, and tap ‘Alarm Clock.’ Swipe to turn the Alarm Clock on, and select the time you want to set it off. You can then select the station you want, how long you want to set the snooze for, and how loud you want to set the volume.

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