Samsung Galaxy Alpha: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In the market for a new smartphone? Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha is dropping next month, and this phone is expected to have a premium look at a less-than-premium price. Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha Could Be Unveiled August 4

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is expected to be released sometime in August, with an official announcement potentially coming as soon as August 4. According to the reliable Samsung blog SamMobile, the phone was originally expected to be announced in mid-August. While there are few confirmed details available at this time, that could all change by next week.

2. Galaxy Alpha Is Expected to Have Less Impressive Specs Than the Galaxy S5

The Galaxy Alpha is expected to be a mid-range phone that won’t still the thunder of the Samsung Galaxy S5. That being said, the semi-premium phone will still have some respectable specs. According to SamMobile, Samsung fans can expect the following from the Galaxy Alpha:

“It will feature a mix of high-end and mid-range hardware – a 4.8-inch 720p display, 32 GB of non-expandable internal storage, a fingerprint scanner – and will be a lesser variant of the Galaxy S5, similar to the Galaxy S5 mini.”

3. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Will Have a Metal Body

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S Sales, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Android One Launches in India – Android WeeklyToday Jayce talks about Android One launching in India, the Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S sales, the Nokia X and the rumors regarding the Galaxy Alpha. Android One Smart contact lenses Galaxy Alpha Galaxy S5 sales Nokia Android phones G3 Beat Google apps Talk…2014-07-20T17:25:17Z

The video above discuses a number of tech topics, including rumors about the Galaxy Alpha.

One cool aspect of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is it’s metal body. While it won’t have the metal unibody construction of some premium Android phones, the metal sides expected on the Galaxy Alpha will provide a feeling of heft and solidity that will be quite appealing in the hand. Earlier rumors had suggested the Galaxy Alpha would have an all-metal body, or a metal back.

4. Price of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha Expected to Be Less Than the S5

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Pictured above: the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear Fit.

Despite its more premium feel in your hand, the Galaxy Alpha is still expected to cost less than the Samsung Galaxy S5. Business Insider says the phone will fall into the “mid-range space,” while CNET has some theories about where Samsung might want the price point to be for the Galaxy Alpha:

“It would be awkward for Samsung to introduce a new “flagship” model right now to battle the Galaxy S line. While other companies are now fighting over the $100-to-$200 price range, going ultra-expensive with a more premium model might not be the wisest move.”

5. Samsung’s Next Big Release Is the Galaxy Note 4

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Pictured above: the Galaxy Note 3.

While the Samsung Galaxy Alpha might appeal to more mid-range customers, there are plenty of consumers who are willing to wait another month or so for Samsung’s next big phone launch. Samsung is expected to debut the Galaxy Note 4 at the Berlin IFA in early September. The Note 4 will be a premium offering, with rumored features like a 5.9-inch display, 4GB RAM, a 16 MP or 20MP camera sensor, and some level of water-resistance.

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