Top 5 Best Funny Unboxing Videos

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Liberating a brand new piece of tech from its box is always a thrill, but there’s nothing funnier than watching an unboxing video go horribly wrong. Whether they are intentionally funny or just accidentally amusing, these unboxing videos have to be seen. (Warning: Some of these videos include coarse language.)

1. Francis Unboxes a PS4

This dude gets a PS4 as an unexpected gift, and pulls open the box like a lion chomping down on a gazelle. The best part of this video is the maniacal laugh that comes out of this guy’s mouth after he screams, “It’s a PS4! It’s a PS4!”

2. Blind Man Unboxes an iPhone

Legendary YouTube star Tommy Edison is featured in the video above. Blind since birth, Edison offers a totally fresh look at the unboxing process. This video is a little bit funny, but mostly it’s just really cool to see someone who is deprived of such an important sense opening up an iPhone box. It’s especially interesting when he talks about using his sense of smell during the iPhone unboxing.

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3. Beats Headphone Unboxing Fail

The video above serves as a cautionary tale to anyone who buys headphones online. This poor guy got duped by a shady seller who sent him no-name headphones in a Beats box. His reaction when he gets to the headphones themselves after cataloging everything else in the box is totally priceless.

4. Cool Unboxing Turns Epic Fail With Nexus 4

So, things are going great for this guy during his unboxing of his new Nexus 4…up until the point he drops his phone into a mug of water. He unleashes a hail of expletives that is absolutely hilarious. This video is schadenfreude at its best.

5. Tim Cook iPad Unboxing Video

Okay, while this may not be a “real” unboxing video, it’s still pretty darn funny. In the video above from Funny or Die, “Tim Cook” unboxes an iPad. The video is a great parody of the whole “unboxing” genre, and the guy who plays Tim Cook does a pretty funny impression of Apple’s head honcho. Whether you’re an Apple fan or an Android devotee, this video will make you chuckle.