Uber vs. Lyft: What’s the Best Transportation App?


Uber and Lyft are two of the most popular transportation apps available for iOS and Android users. We’ve decided to compare Uber and Lyft to see which will provide you the easiest way to get picked up within minutes.

1. Uber vs. Lyft: Getting Started

Once you download the Uber app, you will need to create an account. Simply enter in your email address, mobile number and password. Uber needs to collect your mobile number and email address so they can send you ride confirmations and receipts.The next step will be to create an Uber profile. You will need to upload a photo so your driver can identify you when he picks you up at your location. You can either choose to upload a photo or choose an existing photo from your library. To add a credit card to secure your Uber account, all you need to do is take a photo your credit card. You can do that by tapping on ‘scan your card.’ You will then receive a text message from Uber to verify your account. To confirm your number, just reply Go in the text from Uber.

One thing I noticed when I first logged into Lyft is that you have the ability to login with your Facebook account or using your mobile number. By logging in with your number, you will need to verify your mobile phone. Lyft will send you a code via text message. Just like Uber, you will then need to complete your profile by uploading an image, entering your first and last name and adding your email address. You will then need to add a credit card. Once you’ve added your credit card, your account is complete. Unlike Uber, Lyft does not offer the convenient credit card scanning functionality.

2. Uber vs. Lyft: Features

To request a pickup using the Uber app, simply tap ‘set pickup location,’ and you just need to wait for your driver to pick you up. With Uber, you will receive push notifications to let you know when your driver is on the way. One of the more convenient features of the app is credit card scanning, which it easier for those constantly on the go.

Lyft lets you request a pickup with a simple tap of a green button. You will get matched with a driver and will be picked up within minutes. You can use the app the track the ETA for your driver, see a photo of your driver and what kind of vehicle they’re driving. Once you enter your credit card information it will be saved so that it can be used every time. After each ride you can rate your driver and your driver will rate you. If you give your driver a low-star rating, you won’t have to worry about that driver again. Lyft will also send you push notifications to let you know when your driver is on the way.

3. Uber vs. Lyft: Locations

Uber services are currently available in 41 countries around the globe, and includes 130 cities and metropolitan areas. Lyft, on the other hand, is only available in 64 cities in the United States. While Lyft is available in most of the major cities in the US, it’s important to note that Lyft is still not currently available in New York City due to legal roadblocks.

4. Uber vs. Lyft: Mobile Apps

Uber is currently supported on multiple devices. You can download Uber on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and other platforms.

Lyft is supported on multiple devices as well. You can download Lyft on iPhone, iPad, Android.

5. Uber vs. Lyft: Conclusion

Even though Lyft is considered to be one of the top transportation apps, its competitor, Uber, is available in more than 130 cities and countries, while Lyft is only available in 64 cities. Because the geographic access of Uber drivers is higher, you might get a better chance taking advantage of their service depending on where you live. Lyft, however, offers a compelling community-based driving service, allowing more transparency between drivers and passengers.

Download the Android version of Uber

Download the iPhone version of Uber

Download the Android version of Lyft

Download the iPhone version of Lyft

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