WATCH: iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display Takes a Beating

In the video above, one YouTuber tries his hardest to put a scratch in the phone’s screen.

The video, uploaded by noted tech video maker Marques Brownlee, purportedly shows off the iPhone 6‘s sapphire crystal display. He takes his knife, his keys, and even his foot to the display, and doesn’t manage to leave a scratch.

However, just because the 4.7-inch display is resistant to scratches doesn’t mean it can’t be shattered. In response to the Brownlee video, TIME‘s Jared Newman notes:

“Brownlee doesn’t subject the glass to any impact tests. While sapphire is nearly scratch-proof, it’s also quite brittle and could be susceptible to damage from drops on its own. However, Apple patents and other circumstantial evidence suggest that the front panel is actually a laminate of sapphire and another cheaper material. This could bring costs down while also helping the display survive a hard impact.”

While VentureBeat does add that it’s hard to be certain Brownlee has a legit iPhone 6 display, the popular tech site adds that the 4.7-inch screen does jive with rumors of an iPhone 6 of that size.

Interested in learning more about the sapphire crystal display that’s reportedly being used on the next-gen iPhone? Apple Insider has some interesting notes about the history of sapphire crystal, along with rumors about Apple increasing production runs of the durable material ahead of the iPhone 6’s release. Here’s a pertinent tidbit from their full article:

“With its superior scratch protection and clarity, sapphire is a preferred, yet more expensive, alternative to aluminosilicate glass.

After inking a $578 million deal with sapphire manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies in November, Apple has been widely rumored to be preparing larger installations — like front panels — in future iOS devices, starting with the next iPhone.”

Do you think this video is for real? And if the display really is that flexible, are rumors about a curved iWatch screen suddenly a lot more reasonable? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below!

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