Whisper vs. Secret: What’s the Best Anonymous Social Network?


Whisper and Secret are two very popular anonymous social network apps for Android and iOS. While both apps are very similar in nature, they both have pros and cons which may make some people choose to use one over the other. Here’s our comparison of the two anonymous sharing apps.

1. Whisper vs. Secret: Getting Started

Whisper and Secret are both available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Once you download and launch Whisper, you can start browsing content right away. You will only be asked to enter information if you decide to interact with someone’s status or update your own.

Getting started with Secret is a little more challenging. Once you download and launch Secret for the first time, you will be asked to submit your phone number and email address. You will also have the option to import your facebook friends.

2. Whisper vs. Secret: Content


Overall, both Whisper and Secret have very similar content of people’s personal lives. Content shared ranges from family, depression, sex life, being single, and friends. Secret, however, seems to have more tech and Silicon Valley related content, with anonymous users claiming to leak unannounced rumors and news from tech companies. If you are more of the tech geek type, you might want to gravitate more towards Secret.

The content you see on Whisper is based on both popular posts and nearby posts. Secret’s content is based on friends or friends of friends. You also have the option of exploring other popular posts on Secret.

3. Whisper vs. Secret: User Interface

Both apps have very similar update feeds. They both have cards with updates that consist of text over images. Secret appears to have a more sleek and engaging look. Its default colors and typography give a more modern design edge over Whisper. Whisper’s cards typically have a strong stroke over the text, which gives it more of the meme look. The biggest difference of the two feeds is that Whisper has two columns of cards where you can view up to four updates without scrolling. To zoom in on a card, simply tap it, and you can see the entire card along with related statuses. Secret’s update cards are larger on the feed, where you can only really see one without scrolling to see another. While you can view more cards at one time using Whisper, we prefer Secret’s simpler, more modern look.

4. Whisper vs. Secret: Direct Messaging

Of the two, Whisper is the only app that has direct messaging to other anonymous users. To send a direct message, simply tap on ‘Chat’ on any card.

5. Whisper vs. Secret: Comments


Users can reply to a post on Whisper with another status update card, and you’ll have to scroll horizontally to browser through all of them. At times, this makes it a little challenging to browse through replies on Whisper. Secret, on the other hand, features a more traditional vertical scroll to browse through comments, which makes it so much easier to browse.

The biggest difference between comments on Whisper and Secret is that Secret is based on posts from friends or friends of friends, while Whisper is open to anyone. If a friend likes your post on Secret, then their friends will see it too. This makes the comments on Secret a little more intimate since those comments are coming from someone that’s one, two, or three degrees away from you.

6. Whisper vs. Secret: Conclusion

Overall, Secret seemed to provide a better experience that suits my tastes. With its simple and modern user interface and its friends-based content, Secret provided a more enjoyable user experience over Whisper. Whisper, on the other hand, features a unique direct messaging feature and allows you to be very anonymous by adding your update to a bigger pool of users. Which anonymous app do you prefer? Whisper or Secret?

Download the Android version of Whisper

Download the iPhone version of Whisper

Download the Android version of Secret

Download the iPhone version of Secret

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