WATCH: iPhone 5s Hidden Features & Secret Tips

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Love your iPhone 5s? These videos reveal the hidden features and secret tricks to getting the most out of your iPhone. From improved battery life to sharper pictures to getting Siri to actually do what you tell her to do, these tips will make your life so much easier.

1. Control Your iPhone Using a Tilt of Your Head

As long as your iPhone 5s is running iOS 7, you can make use of this clever control tip. iOS 7 supports head gesture controls under the accessibility menu. If you want your iPhone to be more responsive to your needs, this time-saving method of gesture control is really cool to experiment with.

2. Become a Master of Siri

The nice thing about Siri is that she responds to natural speech. You don’t really need to use strict “commands” to get a result. That being said, the video above outlines some clever phrases you can use to get Siri to respond to your questions the first time you ask them.

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3. Boost Your Battery Life

The iPhone 5s has pretty wimpy battery life compared to some Android phones, and poor battery life is one of the most common complaints iPhone users have. The video above outlines a bunch of clever tips and adjustments you can make on your phone to improve your battery life.

4. Unlocking the Secrets of the iPhone 5s Camera’s Controls

The video above from State of Tech offers a great overview of the camera controls on the iPhone 5s. The video covers slo-mo video, video, and camera settings. The video also covers the nine live filters the camera allows users to experiment with.

5. The Ultimate Guide to iPhone 5s Secrets & Tips

The video above offers you 20 tips and secrets about the iPhone 5s. The video covers tips like using Siri to toggle system settings, using the Compass app as a level, or teaching Siri how to pronounce someone’s name correctly.