WATCH: Hands-On With QuickBoard Keyboard for iOS 8

KuaiBoard (formerly QuickBoard) – Type text. Quicker.KuaiBoard (formerly QuickBoard) – Type text. Quicker. To know when new updates are available, please sign up for the KuaiBoard mailing list at, or follow @kuaiboard on Twitter ( Thanks for using KuaiBoard! Designed and developed by @kevinwo (

iOS 8 will have an improved keyboard, but there may be an even faster way to type. It’s called QuickBoard, and it could be your favorite part of using iOS 8. Check out how it works in the video above.

MacRumors notes that QuickBoard differs from many of the other third-party keyboard apps out there. Here’s how:

“While keyboards like Swype and Fleksy focus on improving the typing experience through gestures and predictive text, Wolkober’s QuickBoard is designed to give users a quicker way to enter the snippets of text that they type repeatedly into their iOS devices, including addresses, credit card information, email signatures, and more.

QuickBoard is actually split by function into three separate keyboard elements, including TextBoard, MeBoard, and LocationBoard. Each of these three keyboard functions lets users to tap to insert often-repeated text elements in any app to save time and effort.”

You’ll need to be running iOS 8 on your iOS device of choice in order to use this app. But with its simple design and huge time-saving features, this app could make a lot of iPhone 6 owners really happy this fall. You can sign up for updates about this app at the QuickBoard site.

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