Tinder’s IAC Buys Ask.fm: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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IAC, the parent company that owns Tinder, has purchased Ask.fm. Why would anybody want to buy a site that has been linked to cyberbullying? Read on to learn all the details about this deal.

1. IAC Has Bought Ask.fm

Get the scoop on Ask.fm in the report above.

The Telegraph has reported that Tinder’s parent company, IAC, has purchased the social networking site Ask.fm. The site allows users to ask questions and receive answers.

The Telegraph notes that Ask.fm is very active:

“Ask.fm generates an estimated 20,000 questions per minute with approximately 45 percent of its mobile monthly active users logging in daily. To date, the mobile app has been downloaded more than 40 million times.”

2. Ask.fm Has Been Linked to Multiple Cyberbullies

The NPR report above talks about the dangers of cyberbullying.

Ask.fm has something of a shady reputation, especially among parents. This is because a number of cyberbullying scandals have been linked to the site. Buzzfeed notes that nine recent teenage suicides were linked to activity on Ask.fm. Two of the suicide victims were sisters, Erin and Shannon Gallagher.

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3. IAC Also Owns Ask.com & Vimeo

While IAC is perhaps most famous for owning the dating app Tinder, they also own Ask.com and the YouTube competitor Vimeo. Other notable properties owned by IAC include Daily Burn, College Humor Media, OKCupid, and Urbanspoon.

4. Ask.com Will Tap Into Ask.fm

ask.fm changes

IAC’s Ask.com will be integrated with Ask.fm. According to a report from the BBC, IAC wasn’t always interested in buying Ask.fm:

“Ask.com first got interested in the site when it started legal action to protect its own brand from contamination.

Then the US firm and its parent group saw just how big and engaged an audience the Latvia-based network had, and began to wonder about a different course of action.

Now the new owners need to move quickly to prove they can to make Ask.fm a safe place for its young users without annoying them so much that they head elsewhere.”

TechCrunch adds that IAC has pledged to overhaul the site’s current policies to try to curb cyberbullying.

5. Ask.fm Has 126 Million Registered Users

'Close Askfm down', victim's mother saysThe mother of two girls who committed suicide as teenagers, one after being bullied on Askfm, tells Katie Razzall that the website should be controlled and properly regulated.2013-08-13T20:40:42Z

The mother of two girls who committed suicide after using Ask.fm speaks out in the video above.

Ask.fm states that they have 126 million registered users, with 25 billion answers in 42 different languages. People in over 150 countries have used Ask.fm.

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