Top 5 Best New iPhone Apps You Need to Know About

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These are the five apps that got everyone talking this month. If you own an iPhone, you need to know about these apps.

1. Snipp3t

Learn more about this app in the video above.

Recently given a solid notice over at the Verge, Snipp3t is an iPhone app developed by Microsoft. This handy app allows users to track social mentions and breaking news related to their favorite celebs. If you want to keep tabs on August’s biggest celeb stories like the death of Robin Williams or the secret marriage of Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel, this is a great app to have on your phone.

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  • One-tap subscription
  • Great way to see breaking news
  • Solid UI
  • Great way to learn about a celeb that’s new to you
  • Fun social component

  • Cons:
  • Requires Facebook to personalize (but you can get started without FB)
  • New app, may have some unexpected bugs
  • Headlines are large, you can only see one or two headlines at once
  • Limited “popular now” celeb list
  • Some minor celebs and “internet famous” people aren’t represented

  • 2. FanDuel: One Week Fantasy Football Leagues

    Learn more about how FanDuel works in the video above.

    If you’re really into fantasy football, but don’t necessarily want to stay with a league for an entire season, you should check out FanDuel. The FanDuel app basically allows you to join a one-week fantasy football leagues for real money. One-day leagues are also available. If you like sports and you like getting paid, you’d better download this app.

    Buy it here.

  • Join public leagues or play among friends
  • Over $10 million paid out every week
  • Pick new teams on a weekly or daily basis
  • Entry fees are as low as $1
  • UI is easy to navigate

  • Cons:
  • The entry fees are low, but they are still a factor
  • May not appeal to those looking for a long-term league experience
  • Deposit bonus is released as real cash at a rate of 4% of the entry fee of the contest you enter
  • Some users may prefer web interface over app interface
  • Sign up could be faster

  • 3. SketchFactor

    Learn more about the controversy surrounding this app in the video above

    SketchFactor is one of the most controversial apps to come out this month. Ostensibly used to report “sketchy” encounters in bad neighborhoods, this app has come under fire for its racist undertones. While SketchFactor’s creators argue that their app has no inherent racist qualities, some critics still find this app offensive. Love it or hate it, SketchFactor is one of those apps everyone seems to be talking about lately.

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  • Warn others about bad neighborhoods
  • Learn what areas of a city to avoid when traveling
  • Free
  • Solid design
  • Crowd-sourcing gives you info that is updated frequently

  • Cons:
  • App feels racist or prejudicial to some users
  • Recent bug fixes haven’t totally fixed stability issues
  • Seems a little odd that a “sketch”-busting app has a “lurk” function
  • Hard to verify reports on the app to get a realistic picture
  • Can’t make a report without logging in

  • 4. Willow

    Learn more about this social networking app in the video above.

    Willow is a social networking app that aims to connect people using provocative questions. You can ask up to three questions for other users to answer, which allows you to make a real connection with someone. This is a great app for meeting people you might want to date, or just for connecting with new friends.

    Buy it here.

  • Great way to start conversations
  • Feels more “social” than other social apps
  • Supports chat for real time conversations
  • Chat anonymously, or share your photos
  • Easy to see who answered your questions in the past

  • Cons:
  • You must be 18 or older to use Willow
  • Some text can be hard to read
  • As a new app, users in your area might be hard to find
  • Might not appeal to people who like a lot of photos in their social networking services
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later

  • 5. Psyx

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    Billed as “the world’s most advanced music player for iOS,” Psyx is a portable luxury audio app. Simply put, this app is designed to make your music sound better, even if they sound quality of the file isn’t top-notch. Psyx contains a “gestalt engine” that allows the listener to choose the optimum model or “color” for their application. If you love music, and you are a serious audiophile, you need this app.

    Buy it here.

  • The culmination of over 170 processes
  • Remembers your individual song preferences
  • Great interface
  • Feels luxe
  • Designed to measure human response to compressed audio shortcomings

  • Cons:
  • Not free
  • Some users may want additional “color” profiles, depending on how many different genres of music they generally enjoy
  • Might be too highbrow for some music fans
  • Interface can be a tad overwhelming
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later, so if you’re using an older or un-updated iOS device you are out of luck



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