WATCH: iPhone 6 Leaked Images & Video Reveal New Look

The iPhone 6 is just weeks away from its official launch, and the leaks are coming fast and heavy. The latest leaked images and video of the iPhone 6 have given us our clearest look at Apple’s new phone to date. Check out the video above from YouTuber Stefan Svartling, which combines several of the leaked images to give us a fuller picture of the iPhone 6.

This week has seen multiple iPhone 6 leaks making headlines. Scroll down to see some of the newest iPhone 6 images that are floating around. Apple Insider notes that the image below reportedly comes from within Apple’s supply chain.

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In another video from Svartling, leaked schematics shows the iPhone 6 with a protruding camera. Watch it above.

And in the video above, Svartling shows off a leaked image of the iPhone 6’s front panel. It looks a lot like the same panel on the iPhone 5s. The truth about the iPhone 6 is expected to be revealed at a keynote event on September 9.