WATCH: Samsung Galaxy S5 Ice Bucket Challenge Video

In a unique twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 phone has taken the plunge…and challenged Apple to do the same with the iPhone. Check it out in the video above.

The Samsung video also calls out the HTC One (M8) and the Nokia Lumia 930. Forbes notes that the three smartphones Samsung calls out lack the waterproofing of the Galaxy S5.

In the coverage of the Samsung video, Business Insider provides a reminder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge rules:

“According to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, if you are challenged by another and you don’t complete your own challenge in the allotted 24-hour time frame, you must pay at least $100 to the ALS Association. It’s unlikely Apple or Microsoft’s ad agencies will be able to respond to Samsung’s 15-second challenge within 24 hours, but several executives from both of those companies have already taken part in the ice-dumping phenomenon.”

While the iPhone has yet to take the plunge, Apple’s Tim Cook had previously accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. You can watch his ice bucket experience in the video below:

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