Android Phones: The Photos You Need to See

On this day in 2008, Google's launched their first version of Android. The first prototype Android phone had debuted several months prior, and is pictured here in this image from Getty. The first commercially available smartphone running Android was the HTC Dream, released on October 22, 2008. Since Android's launch in September of 2008, the phones running the Android OS have changed a great deal. See the evolution of Android in this gallery. If you want to learn more about Android phones, check out all of our Android news in one handy location. This gallery will feature phones from HTC, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. While the first Android smartphones may seem crude by today's standards, these devices were the forefathers of the advanced smartphones of today. Take a walk down memory lane with these cool old Android phones, and enjoy some cool photos of the coolest Android phones that came out in 2014. If you want to learn more about what Android is capable of today, check out our recent coverage of the best Android apps and games. More interested in how your Android phone can pair with wearables? Check out our Android Wear coverage. Android Wear was introduced earlier this year, and is the operating system that powers smartwatches like the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, and LG G Watch. Pairing with your smartwatch is definitely something that those original Android phones couldn't do. Check out the rest of our gallery to see how Android devices have changed over the years.

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