BlackBerry Blend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Don’t call it a comeback. BlackBerry is on a quest to reclaim its lost market share, and BlackBerry Blend is part of that strategy. Learn all about BlackBerry Blend below.

1. BlackBerry Blend Lets You Access Your Data on Multiple Platforms

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You can use BlackBerry Blend to access your BlackBerry’s data on a laptop, desktop, or a tablet. ValueWalk has a rundown of the basic features:

“The service will make it possible for Blend-compatible BlackBerry handset users to access all their information on their tablets and PCs in the office…Users can also access their BBM chats, groups and Channels…The tasks that a user creates with the help of BlackBerry Desktop Software or BlackBerry Link can also be completed with the help of Blend.

The ability to create a back-up of data and restore it is also included in the Blend service. The new service also allows for switching between two devices and copying music, videos and images between devices running on the BB10 OS.”

According to Know Your Mobile, while Chromecast-level screencasting isn’t in the cards yet, it’s a “tantalizing” possibility for the future of BlackBerry Blend.

2. BlackBerry Blend Will Work on Multiple BlackBerry Devices



BlackBerry Blend is expected to launch alongside the new BlackBerry Passport phone. However, it will work with a number of other BlackBerry devices. According to an article on Crackberry, BlackBerry Blend simply requires you to have any BlackBerry 10 device. You can then view your data on a tablet or desktop. It is recommended that you use BlackBerry 10.3 OS or later.

You can also open a secure connection to view private information from your company intranet, assuming your device is associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

3. Blend is Showing Up in the ‘My World’ Section of BlackBerry World



BlackBerry Blend can be seen in the ‘My World’ section of BlackBerry World. However, Crackberry notes that clicking on this option results in an error. That is expected to change at some point on September 24, after the Passport device event.

4. BlackBerry Is Facing an Uphill Battle to Win Back Users

CNET writes that the company needs a good strategy to win back lost customers and regain some market share:

“The [new crop of] BlackBerrys are illustrative of BlackBerry’s intent to keep on fighting in the smartphone market, despite ceding virtually all of its market share over the last five years to Apple’s iPhone and to Android smartphones. Since then, it has sunk into the status of an also-ran…Last month, BlackBerry was featured in a list of brands that could disappear in the next year. That report cited BlackBerry’s global smartphone market share of less than 1 percent as its main evidence.”

With new devices and the perks of BlackBerry Blend, maybe the tide will finally turn for this troubled tech company.

5. BlackBerry Blend Is Being Compared to Apple’s Continuity

iOS 8 Handoff (Calling Between Mac & iPhone) – Hands On ReviewThis video is to show the speed of the Handoff feature for iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite. iOS 8 Handoff (Calling Between Mac & iPhone) – Hands On Review OSX Yosemite Beta 3 – MacBook Pro iOS 8 Beta 3 – iPhone 4s OSX 10.10 Beta 3 – MacBook Pro2014-07-09T09:52:20Z

Apple’s latest operating systems have been designed to work together in a more intuitive way. iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite share continuity, perhaps best showcased in a feature called Handoff. You can see how Handoff works in the video above.

First Post and other sites have drawn comparison between Apple’s new continuity in its operating systems, and the capabilities of BlackBerry Blend.

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