How to Remove U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence’ Album From iTunes

U2 new album 'Songs of Innoncents' free on iTunesBono and Apple announce the release of the U2's new album, "Songs of Innocence," for free on iTunes.2014-09-09T22:35:52Z

During the iPhone 6 launch event, U2 announced that they would let anyone with an iTunes account have a copy of the new album “Songs of Innocence” for free. You can learn more about Apple’s partnership with U2 in the video above.

Unfortunately, not every iTunes user likes U2. Many people who had “downloaded” the album did not want it. Just days after Apple revealed the iPhone 6 and their new deal with U2, the tech giant has made is possible for U2 haters to permanently delete U2’s “Songs of Innocence” from their accounts. Read on to find out how.

Getting rid of this unwanted album couldn’t be easier. Simply head over to this page on the Apple website. Just hit the big “Remove album” button, and then provide your iTunes login details. It’s just that simple.

Be forewarned, however. Recode notes that you may not be able to change your mind at a later date:

“The only catch appears to be that if you decide you do want your new free U2 album, you’ve only got a month to change your mind: After October 13, the only way to get it from iTunes will be by actually spending money.”

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