How to Turn Off Facebook Autoplay Videos & Save Data

Turn off autoplay on Facebook VideosTurn off the autoplay "feature" for Facebook videos. Use Facebook settings.2014-04-28T01:12:43Z

Are you burning through your mobile data? It might not be your fault. Facebook’s autoplay feature eats up data, but it is easy to turn it off. Check out the video above to see how to turn off autoplay, step by step.

Facebook’s use of the autoplay feature came under fire this week after multiple media outlets reported that the autoplay feature could consume a person’s mobile data allotment very quickly. The Daily Mail notes that iPhone users simply have to go into Settings, select the Facebook tab, and go into the deeper Settings menu to turn off Autoplay. If you use Android, just go into your Facebook account Settings menu, and within General Settings, select “Autoplay only on Wifi,” or “Off.”

Consumerist has confirmed that Facebook’s default setting for Autoplay is “on,” so if you want to avoid data overage charges, you will need to disable the functionality in your settings menu, or at least set Autoplay to work only when you have a Wi-Fi connection that won’t affect your mobile data limits.

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