iOS 8 Screenshots: The Photos You Need to See

Check out these images from iOS 8, and get a visual walkthrough of Apple's new OS. We'll show you the new icons, new apps, and new interfaces in iOS 8. The image featured here is from Apple, but the rest of the gallery will consist of screenshot images from an iPhone running iOS 8.

Here's a little more background info about iOS 8. It was first released as a beta shortly after it was demoed at WWDC 2014 earlier this year. Some of the coolest new features in iOS 8 include a new keyboard, Handoff functionality, enhanced Siri integration, and the ability to send audio messages.

There are also going to be some cool new health and fitness features. Early next year, the Apple Watch will debut, adding a whole new level of fun to the iOS 8 experience. New language and accessibility features are also included in the September 17 update.

By getting iOS 8 out into the wild a couple of days before the iPhone 6 launches, Apple will be able to diagnose any issues with iOS 8 and hopefully release any last-minute patches before millions of iPhone fans start using their new iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be consumer's hands starting September 19.

If you want to start getting your bearings in iOS 8, read on to see close-up shots of what's new, what's different, and what's just plain cool about the newest version of iOS.

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