Larry Ellison Stepping Down as Oracle CEO: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Larry Ellison is stepping down as CEO of Oracle. A legend in Silicon Valley, Ellison has decided to step down from his post at the age of 70. Here’s what you need to know about the man who counted Apple’s Steve Jobs among his best friends.

1. Larry Ellison’s Net Worth Is $41 Billion

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Ellison was recently ranked third in Forbes list of the richest people in America. According to Forbes, he is worth about $41 billion. Larry Ellison founded Oracle in 1977, and has been the company’s CEO since then. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mark Hurd and Safra Catz will take over as co-CEOs.

2. Larry Ellison & Steve Jobs Were Best Friends

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Ellison and Steve Jobs were very close. CNET has published a transcript of an interview where Ellison talks about the final days of Steve Jobs:

“I’d go over there all the time. And the walks — we’d always go for walks. … And the walks just kept getting shorter. Until near the end we’d kind of walk around the block or maybe — maybe four blocks, something like that. And you just watched him getting weaker. And this is the strongest guy I knew. This was absolutely the strongest, most willful person I have ever met. After seven years, the cancer even wore him out. And that’s what it was. He was just tired of fighting. Tired of the pain.”

3. Larry Ellison’s Daughter Works in Hollywood

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Ellison’s daughter Megan Ellison produced and financed Zero Dark Thirty. Her production company is Annapurna Pictures. Business Insider notes that she was also the first woman producer ever to have two films nominated in the same year for a Best Picture Oscar (for the films Her and American Hustle.)

4. Larry Ellison Has 4 Ex-Wives

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Larry Ellison’s ex-wives are, in order: Adda Quinn, Nancy Wheeler Jenkins, Barbara Boothe, and Melanie Craft, a romance novelist. Steve Jobs was the photographer at Ellison’s wedding to Craft.

Ellison is pictured above with Nikita Kahn, a Ukranian actress who is Ellison’s current girlfriend, according to Forbes.

5. Ellison Was a College Dropout

Listen to the report above about Ellison’s involvement in the America’s Cup, the world’s most prestigious yacht race.

Like Steve Jobs, Ellison was a college dropout. Ellison attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for two years, took a break, and then had a short stint at University of Chicago. He then moved to California and started working in the tech sector. The rest is history.