Top 5 Best Funny iPhone 6 Parody & Prank Videos

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With less than 24 hours until the iPhone 6 is revealed, we’ve rounded up five of the funniest iPhone 6 parody videos. If you need a good laugh, these hilarious clips are “must-see” viewing for any Apple fan.

1. iPhone 6 Prank Video

iPhone 6 Prank!Five Four Club – TLD = $15 OFF: Could you spot a real iPhone 6? Subscribe for the review! iPhone 6 Clone Unboxing – Twitter: Apple hasn't even released it's 4.7" iPhone 6 and fully functioning next gen iPhone clones have already hit the market. The one I received came in an…2014-08-07T23:19:22Z

This is just cruel. And hilarious. This guy pranked a bunch of people by offering them an iPhone 6…but the phone is actually a clever fake. The reactions in this video are just priceless. Would you have been fooled by this prankster?

2. iPhone 6/IKEA Parody Commercial

APPLE Iphone 6 Parody Commercial by IKEA "BookBook ™" : Top Apple Parody 2014. APPLE Iphone 6 parody commercial : We believe this is not acfirst parody of Apple 's ad campaign, but this video from IKEA catalog produced by advertising agency BBH Asia Pacific is attracting our attention. In this Video iPhone 6 Parody Commercial, latest ' gadgets ' from IKEA ,…2014-09-04T08:46:35Z

Apple and IKEA are two global companies that are ripe for parody. The video above pokes fun at Apple’s signature advertising style, as well as IKEA’s love of design. We’re pretty sure IKEA isn’t releasing an iPhone competitor anytime soon, and that’s probably for the best.

3. ‘Is This the New iPhone 6?’

Is this the new iPhone 6?Your boy Doldo411 gives you the low down on the biggest leak in Apple history! Check it out. Follow @Doldo411 for more updates Featuring Joey Romaine Developed by Joey Romaine, Drennen Quinn and Jeph Porter Directed by Jeph Porter Location Sound Jason Culver Edited by Jason Culver. (c) 2014 The Second City Inc. ——————————– The…2014-08-26T15:55:35Z

“Is this the New iPhone 6?” might just be the perfect antidote for anyone who is tired of the endlessly hyperbolic iPhone 6 news cycle. Watch this hilarious video above, which pokes fun at typical iPhone 6 leak videos. The best part is when the guy breaks down the “iPhone” to get access to the “chip.”

4. Funny VR for iPhone 6 Video

Unbelievable iPhone VR Headset – Funny Video – Virtual Reality for iPhone 6BriarCo. The geniuses who brought you such innovations as Prescription Windshields, The Convertable Motorcycle Helmet, and The Jackalope Trap, have done it again. Introducing the iPhone VR Headset! Please support the video by giving it a "LIKE". Thank You! Want to get Partnered with Maker Studios? Click the link: ———————– SOCIAL LINKS: ———————– TWITCH.TV:…2014-07-06T16:05:39Z

YouTuber Briar Rabbit lampoons Google, VR headsets, and the uselessness of 3D technology in this clever video. He puts together a VR headset for iOS users that could be used for the iPhone 6…but it doesn’t go according to plan. This video is funny, but it does get a little gross when the fake vomit comes out.

5. iPhone 6 Unboxing Parody

VideoVideo related to top 5 best funny iphone 6 parody & prank videos2014-09-08T17:22:23-04:00

This video’s got everything. A guy with a funny accent. A “black market” iPhone. A Happy Meal container used as the iPhone’s box. This whole video is a hilarious take on the blind devotion so many Apple fans have for the iPhone line, and it’s a great parody of unboxing videos in general.

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