Top 5 Best iPhone 6 Wallet Cases

iphone 6 wallet cases


Wallet cases let you keep your cards and cash close at hand, and a lot of iPhone 6 owners find these types of cases to be extremely convenient. These wallet-style cases generally offer you room for two or three credit cards, or a single card and some cash. Wallet cases are a smart way to carry everything you need, without needing to carry both a bulky phone case and a separate wallet. These are the best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus wallet cases around, suitable for both gents and ladies.

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1. Verus Leather iPhone 6 Wallet Case

iphone 6 wallet case


This professional-looking case from Verus features a faux leather finish and a diary-style clasp to keep your phone and cards secure. This case holds three cards, along with a slot that can hold bills, receipts, notes, or what have you. Get a closer look at this case, and other cases from Verus, in the video below:

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  • Available in six color options
  • Vegan
  • Ample storage
  • Attractive, secure design
  • Easy to grip

  • Cons:
  • Doesn’t add waterproofing
  • Limited impact/drop protection compared to other cases
  • Leather is fake, it may not age as gracefully as true leather
  • Somewhat expensive list price for faux leather product
  • Some users have reported that case won’t close all the way when all slots are full

  • 2. CM4 iPhone 6 Wallet Case

    iphone wallet case


    This cool iPhone 6 case from CM4 is ideal for people who use their phones for business, or simply for personal use. You can easily see which cards you are carrying thanks to the peek-a-boo design, and you should be able to fit at least a few bills into the carrying slot on top of your cards and ID. In addition to the brilliant “Pacific Green” shade above, this case also comes in black and “Champagne Gold.”

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  • Slim design
  • Fits 3 cards
  • Impact resistant
  • Screen guard protects screen from damage
  • Fabric stitching gives the case a professional look

  • Cons:
  • Somewhat limited color options
  • Slim design may make some people feel less secure
  • Some users may dislike having card edges exposed to the air
  • Some buttons are covered by the case
  • Similar cases can be had for less money

  • 3. Caseen ViVi iPhone 6 Plus Clutch

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    How cute is this clutch? With a little loop that lets you wear this like a wristlet, this iPhone 6 Plus wallet case has tons of little pockets for storing all you need for a day of shopping. The back of the purse has a zippered pouch for change or notes, with the interior of the purse providing a solid place to store you iPhone 6 Plus.

    You can also make use of several card slots and an additional area for bills. If you want a simple little wallet that holds your phone and your cash, this cute purse is practically perfect. Why stuff your phone in the pocket of your skinny jeans or carry it around in your hand all day, when you could store it in such a cute purse instead?

    Check out a review of this wallet case in the video below:

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  • Cute design
  • Also fits many other smartphones
  • Way more storage than the average wallet case
  • Also works with other types of phones
  • Available in a dozen different colors

  • Cons:
  • Forces you to open the purse to check your phone
  • Not all colors are available in the larger size you need for the 6 Plus
  • You may need to get several case to match all your outfits
  • Synthetic leather is thin, may be prone to wear over time
  • Phone won’t fit inside the purse in a case of its own

  • 4. Terrapin Floral iPhone 6 Case

    iphone 6 case


    If you love flowers and prefer your phone cases to be functional, then this floral-printed iPhone 6 wallet case is very appealing. There are multiple pockets to stash all your cash, cards, ID cards, and more. If you hate carrying around a separate wallet, combine your wallet and your phone case with this roomy offering from Terrapin.

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  • Available in a variety of color and print combinations
  • Ample storage
  • Detachable wrist strap
  • Makes a bold statement
  • Hard rubberized inner shell for added device protection

  • Cons:
  • Bulky
  • Not waterproof
  • Faux leather may not age gracefully
  • No port covers
  • May not be suited to all tastes

  • 5. Verus Card Slot Wallet Case

    iphone 6 wallet cases


    Available in five different colors, this wallet case for the iPhone 6 is nice because it keeps your cards tucked away in a little compartment that’s practically invisible. With a simple, ergonomic motion, you can quickly access your cards in this compartment. For anyone who is on the go and doesn’t have the room or inclination to carry a separate wallet, this is a smart buy.

    This iPhone 6 wallet case is actually the one I use every day. This case is easy to install and remove. The side power and volume buttons are covered by the case, protecting them from the elements. While this does make it a little harder to press these buttons, it does give you peace of mind.

    The sliding compartment for your cards is a little tricky to open, and opens best when you use a thumbnail to crack the slider a bit. I actually like that the card compartment is a bit hard to open when you first get the case, since I’m anticipating the sliding mechanism will loosen up over time. It adds some weight, but overall this is the lightest and thinnest wallet case I’ve found for an iPhone.

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  • Rubberized edges make the case easy to grip
  • Hides cards from view
  • Easy to open
  • Fits phones from all carriers
  • Also ideal for storing cash, business cards, notes, etc.

  • Cons:
  • Somewhat limited color palette
  • Fits fewer cards than other cases
  • Case feels heavy
  • Some users have complained case doesn’t feel “premium” enough
  • Third party headphone jacks may not fit with case in place

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