Top 5 Best Kickstarter Projects of September 2014


We’ve rounded up our five favorite Kickstarter campaigns for this month. These these awesome projects are innovative, interesting, and unique. Let’s not forget that some of the coolest tech products in recent memory (like Ouya and Pebble) got their start on Kickstarter. If you are looking for some new tech toys, these cool projects are worth supporting.

1. Anqor

Anqor bills itself as “your personal hotspot on steroids.” This little device is unique because it eliminates roaming fees, and lets you connect your device to the Internet from anywhere in the world. It boasts 8-hour battery life and the ability to connect 10 different devices to Anqor all at once. If the project gets funded, you will be able to have one of these devices in hand by next summer.

2. Jaha

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There are dozens of fitness trackers and fitness wristbands on the market. So what makes Jaha stand out? This cool Kickstarter project aims to make fitness bands more affordable, and pair the band with an app that’s easier to understand. For $29, you can get a wristband, which is a huge savings over some of the more premium bands on the market. The Jaha app will also let you find fitness partners nearby, or issue fitness challenges to your friends.

3. ACE 1

How does the ACE 1 Cookstove work? Please share our message with your friends and family! signup.africancleanenergy.com2014-08-25T18:43:47Z

The ACE 1 is cool Kickstarter project that bring ultra-clean biomass cookstoves to the masses. This cookstove is a smoke-free, solar-powered way to heat up your meals while camping or attending a music festival. And did we mention the stove also charges your phone? The company is hoping that Kickstarter funding will get their company off the ground, and allow them to do some work that will improve the quality of everyday life in Africa.

4. The David 3D Printer

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The David printer is different from other 3D printers because it uses pellet material instead of spools of filament. Using pellets means more flexibility in your projects, and less of a risk of printing issues like air bubbles. You can even print wood composite projects, which is really cool for printing housewares, garden supplies, or even just a new case for your smartphone.

5. Slice Media Player

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Slice is a new type of media player that is powered by Raspberry Pi. This project is already fully funded, but there are some really cool stretch goals that will hopefully get activated before the campaign ends. This media player is portable, has ample on-board storage, and can be reprogrammed to run alternative open source software. If you feel like your current media player is really hamstrung in terms of playing options, this attractive little media box is worth investing in.

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