Top 5 Best New Cool GPS Apps for iPhone & Android

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GPS apps don’t just help you get from Point A to Point B. These clever apps can help you find a date, feel more secure, or help you get fit. Looking for GPS apps that blend form and function? These are the best new GPS apps out there, and they will definitely up your cool factor. These new and newly updated GPS apps use GPS technology in some cool and innovative ways, so check them out below.

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1. Family Locator GPS Tracker

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Learn how this GPS app works in the video above.

Family Locator is a GPS tracking app from Sygic. This app lets you keep tabs on your kids, and can help you locate them if they are lost. You can also get alerts if your child goes someplace they aren’t supposed to go, and get a message when your kid arrives safely at their destination. If you are a concerned parent, this app is ideal of keeping track of young children. However, teenagers may feel like they are being “spied on” if you use this app to track them.

Download Family Locator for iPhone here.

Download Family Locator for Android here.

2. Singles AroundMe GPS Dating

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Get a peek at this dating app in the video above.

Singles AroundMe is a dating app based on the belief that chance encounters with the people who just happen to be nearby can lead to lasting connections (the founder met his wife in just such a chance encounter many years ago.) This app lets you find cool people near you, based on your GPS. It is open to people of any gender or sexual orientation. 100,000+ new users join every month, assuring you of a large pool of potential matches. The app will also easily show, hide, or shift your location for privacy/safety reasons.

Download Singles AroundMe GPS Dating for Android here.

Download Singles Around Me for iPhone here.

3. Scout

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Scout is a GPS and voice navigation app that is ideal for travelers. You can have Scout point you to the nearest restaurant, gas station, shopping mall, or other attraction. Whether your travel plans involve driving a rental car or traveling by foot, this helpful app can help you find what you need, where you need it.

Scout is worth downloading because it is also useful during your daily commute. Scout also lets you share your travel ETA with friends and family. Additionally, you can log in with Google+ or Facebook to sync your favorites, recent places, and settings across multiple devices. You can use this app to let your friends know your ETA to your planned meeting place. It was recently updated to be less of a drain on your battery.

Download Scout for iPhone here.

Download Scout for Android here.

4. GPS Test

Tablet Android Apps: #31 GPS Test – Nexus 7GPS Test: All your GPS information in one app. Large colourful easy to read screens. The GPS Test app for Android is a utility that shows GPS information read from your phones internal GPS. Will support GLONASS phones. The app has several colour schemes, which could be used to match other instrumentation, used along…2013-01-02T21:31:17Z

Learn more about this app in the video above.

GPS Test is a testing utility that can help you determine how accurate your GPS location on your phone really is. The app has several color options, so you can customize your experience to some extent. This app is also capable of showing you the current position on a global map, the local time in your current timezone, and even the sunrise and sunset times at your location.

Download GPS Test for Android here.

5. Golfshot: Golf GPS

(Golfshot: Golf GPS)

(Golfshot: Golf GPS)

If you love golfing, then the right GPS app can really up your game. Golfshot offers aerial flyovers of each hole and precise yardages to more than 500,000 greens worldwide. While some features require additional payment, this app remains a solid tool in any golfer’s app arsenal. Plus, this app has Android Wear support, making it ideal for users with Android Wear smartwatches.

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Download Golfshot for Android here.

Download Golfshot for iPhone here.

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