Top 5 Best iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Apps

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Here’s a guide to the best old and new apps that every iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owner should have installed on their device.

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1. Vyclone

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Check out the video above to see how Vyclone works.

Vyclone isn’t exactly a new app, but it’s going to be even more amazing on an iPhone with a bigger screen. Vyclone is also worth knowing about because it was created by Joe Sumner, frontman of the band Fiction Plane and the son of rock legend Sting.

Vyclone is a way of creating immersive, comprehensive videos. You can use this app to film a large event, such as a concert, and intercut your footage with footage taken by other people who were at the same event. It’s a cool way to re-experience an event from multiple points of view, and create a memorable “highlight reel” of concerts, sporting events, weddings, dances, graduation ceremonies, birthdays, and more. The bigger screen of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be great for enjoying these types of videos.

Download it here.


  • Allows for both automatic and manual mixing of video footage
  • Free
  • Events feature makes it easy to collaborate with people around the globe
  • Stunning interface
  • Great pedigree


  • For best results, you should use this app for filming very large events with lots of other people filming at the same time
  • Interface may overwhelm some
  • Does recommend allowing push notifications, mic access, and location info, which may be a turn-off for the privacy obsessed
  • Requires registration prior to use
  • Some limitations on video length

2. Minuum

Frustrated by autocorrect? Try the Minuum Keyboard for iPhoneMinuum, the little keyboard for big fingers, is finally available for iPhone! Watch this video for a quick glimpse at Minuum's best features. Download Minuum at

See how this keyboard app works in the video above.

Billed as “The Little Keyboard for Big Fingers,” Minuum is ideal for people who are frustrated by both autocorrect and iOS 8’s innate ability to “guess” what word you’ll be typing next. The best part of this app is arguably mini mode, which lets you keep typing in the app that you’re in, but also allows you to see more of that app while you type. Typing data is stored locally on your device, with Minuum promising “We do not collect typing data remotely and will not do so without first asking you.”

Download it here.


  • On sale for 50 percent off as of this writing
  • Lets you type quickly
  • Mini mode lets you see more of the app
  • Gesture shortcuts
  • Easy to delete words from the dictionary


  • Not free
  • English only
  • Improved iPad support “coming soon”
  • Limited themes (but more on the way)
  • More expensive than other paid apps, even with the current discount

3. Timeless

Timeless Timer iPhone App ReviewDevelopers: Increase iOS/Android reviews at Users: Get paid to review iOS/Android apps at AppWinn.com2013-08-24T03:42:30.000Z

Get a closer look a this app in the video review above.

Timeless, aka “Timeless: The Multiple Countdown Timer & Stopwatch with Style,” is relative new iOS app that combines stopwatch and timer functionality into one handy app. What makes this app stand out is not it’s relatively simple features, but rather its gorgeous design. With an elegant, stunning interface, this app makes your whole phone fill more luxe. Plus, it’s been updated to run faster than ever before, which makes this app feel like a whole new experience. If you love apps that are exquisitely designed, add this app to your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus right now.

Buy it here.


  • Now runs 60 percent faster
  • Beautiful, colorful interface
  • Multiple themes
  • Extrememly useful labeling system
  • Sound effects make the app easier to use without having to look at the screen


  • Easy to hit wrong control button on the screen
  • Some users have complained about notification center issues or too many notifications in general
  • Other timer apps have most of the same functionality
  • Colors may not appeal to all users
  • Some users want a more iPad-friendly version

4. Acompli Email & Calendar

Acompli Email App for iPhone: Share Times FeatureDownload for your iPhone on the App Store Now!​ Conquer Your Calendar. Share available times, schedule meetings and more, all tightly integrated with email. Switching between email and calendar apps is a thing of the past. Do more and defer less from mobile email. Learn more at

Learn more about this productivity app in the video above.

Acompli Email & Calendar is far from the only email and calendar app you’ll find on the App Store. That being said, this fresh app offers a suite of excellent features that make it one of the best apps in its class. The calendar function lets you share available meeting times, schedule meetings, or get reminders, and is “tightly integrated” with your email.

This app is especially appealing to people with vast inboxes, or those who have a lot of attachments in their inbox. If you haven’t tried this app yet, now would be a smart time to give it a trial.

Download this iPhone app here.


  • No need to switch between separate email and calendar apps
  • Nice UI
  • Has had many improvements made since launch
  • Saves you time, reduces stress
  • Send large files from your mobile inbox even if you haven’t downloaded them to your phone


  • Some features, like “share your location” may be a turn-off for the privacy obsessed
  • May not be able to be customized to fit all user preferences
  • Some users have reported a delay in emails showing up in their inbox
  • Could benefit from added swipe/gesture controls
  • Some users have requested integrated cloud storage connections

5. Spring

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Spring is a brand-new shopping app that’s getting rave reviews. The app currently boasts 100 fashion brand partners, including brands like Oscar de la Renta, Naja, and Warby Parker. If you find something you like, you can easily buy it with a single swipe of your fingertip. For people who love fashion but hate the hustle and bustle of the mall, this app is a wonderful experience. This app is one of the few shopping apps that feels pleasurable to use on iOS, and the bigger screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will make mobile shopping even more fun.

Download the iPhone version here.


  • Super easy to import your credit card data
  • An additional 350 brands expected to partner with Spring through 2015
  • No shopping cart, meaning items can be bought in the blink of an eye
  • Shops run the gamut from luxury labels to emerging designers
  • Has the Rachel Zoe seal of approval


  • May be dangerous for people who already have a problem with impulse shopping
  • Shipping is a little high, especially cumulatively when you buy a lot of stuff
  • Can’t even start browsing until you sign up
  • Items tend to get re-listed, which clutters your feed with stuff you’ve seen before
  • Some items may be too expensive for people who tend towards bargain hunting (But there is plenty of stuff for around $20)