Top 5 Best New Smartwatches From IFA 2014

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IFA 2014 saw tons of new smartwatches debut from brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG. The new watches from Motorola and ASUS are also pretty great. If you’re thinking about buying a new smartwatch for yourself or as a gift, these five smartwatches are the cream of the crop.

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1. ASUS Zen Watch

Asus Zen Watch Hands-OnAsus Zen Watch Hands-On More from IFA 2014: Asus just announced its first smartwatch during IFA 2014 in Berlin, the ZenWatch, and it's an Android-wear powered device with a premium form factor but a lower cost than some alternatives. GALLERY/MORE: For more tech goodness, check us out at: Follow Us on Twitter:…2014-09-03T16:59:26Z

Learn more about this watch in the video above.

The ASUS Zen Watch is slightly more affordable than most of the watches on this list, which gives it an edge over the more expensive watches from Sony or Motorola that are running the exact same OS. And if those rumors about the iWatch costing $400 pan out, then the price of the Zen Watch will be really impressive.

2. Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S smartwatch has a huge curved screen and its own cellular A curved two-inch display, plus built-in 3G SIM card support and Wi-Fi: the Gear S is Samsung's sixth watch, but is it also the best? We take a look.2014-09-03T15:05:41Z

CNET runs down the unique features of the Gear S in the video above.

The Gear S is unique because of its larger form factor, as well as its ability work without a smartphone nearby. It runs on Tizen, rather than Android Wear. Do note, however, that the large face has its detractors. Computerworld thinks this watch is just too big, so folks with delicate wrists might prefer a smaller watch.

3. Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony SmartWatch 3 Android Wear watch has swappable straps (hands-on) Sony's new smartwatch improves on its predecessor with its waterproofing and customisable straps. CNET's Andrew Hoyle goes hands-on.2014-09-03T14:48:20Z

Check out a hands-on video about the Sony SmartWatch 3 above.

If you’re planning to grab Sony’s new Xperia Z3 or Z3 Compact, the SmartWatch 3 is the perfect accessory. This Android Wear smartwatch boasts a display that is easy to read in bright sun, advanced motion sensors, and a waterproof rating of IP68.

4. LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R First LookThe LG G Watch R updates the look of the original in a big way. Talk about Android in our forums: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: —————————————————- Stay connected to Android Authority: – – – – Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: Joe Hindy: Darcy LaCouvee: Lanh…2014-09-04T14:01:29Z

Learn more about this watch in the hands-on video above.

Unlike the first G Watch from LG, the G Watch R has a round face. The display is also a little nicer, giving the G Watch R a more sophisticated, luxurious look.

5. Moto 360

VideoVideo related to top 5 best new smartwatches from ifa 20142014-09-04T11:47:50-04:00

Jim Wicks, lead designer of Moto 360, gives us an in-depth look at the 360 watch in the video above.

It might seem a little weird to include the Moto 360 on a list of new smartwatches from IFA. Not only was this watch first announced months ago, its’ already been showcased at a major tech event: Google I/O. But the Moto 360 is getting its first real debut during the week of IFA, which makes it worth including on this list. The Moto 360 is arguably the most hotly anticipated of all the Android Wear watches, thanks to its attractive design.

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