Top 5 Best Rumored Features of the iPhone 6s & iPhone 7

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People have already started to speculate about the amazing new features Apple has planned for the next generation of iPhones. Some of these crazy features were originally rumored for the iPhone 6, while some feature ideas have been floating around for years, and still other rumored features are new ideas based on the problems with the current generation of iPhones. Whether you’re holding out for the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, these phone predictions are exciting. Read on to see what the iPhone of the future might look like.

1. The New iPhone Will Have Solar Cells

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Solar cells don’t have to be as clunky as the battery set-up above. In amongst all of the pre-launch rumors about iPhone 6 battery life, there was a very interesting rumor about solar power. The iPhone 6 was originally rumored to have a front display made from sapphire glass, which would have made it possible to use as a solar collector with a few minor adjustments.

The idea behind this rumor is that solar cells on the body or display of the next iPhone could charge your phone throughout the day. All you’d have to do is take a walk in the park at lunch to boost your battery. Mobile solar-charging kits already exist, so Apple just needs to find a way to shrink that technology down to a point where it can be inserted into the body of the iPhone.

2. The New iPhone Will Have Holographic Projections

As you can see in the concept art above, some people think that the next iPhone could be capable of creating a bigger screen by using holographic projections. Some Apple fans thought they’d see this feature on the iPhone 6, but no such luck. This rumored iPhone feature actually pre-dates the iPhone 6’s release by several years. The ability to turn your iPhone into what essentially amounts to a tablet work station would be game-changing. Even if just a virtual keyboard was made holographic, this would be a huge step forward.

Unfortunately, this rumor seems unlikely to come true. That being said, a hyper-futuristic feature like holographic displays would seriously up the “cool factor” of the next iPhone, and cause a boost in sales. Sadly, Apple is almost never first to market with this kind of new use of technology. So until some other company dares to try a holographic display first, don’t expect to see it on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7.

3. 10MP Camera, Swappable Lenses the Next iPhone

Check out some iOS 8 camera features in the video above.

The iPhone 4s, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus all have an 8MP camera. While changes have been made to the camera software, it would still be nice to see the next generation of iPhones get a big jump in megapixels. For a while, there was a rumor that the iPhone 6 might even have swappable lenses for the camera, according to ValueWalk.

How would a 10MP camera stand up against the competition? In our comparison of the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S5, we noted that the rear camera on the S5 is 16MP. While there does appear to be some patent paperwork backing up the swappable lenses claim, it is not certain whether these lenses will be added to the next iPhone. It would be a nice touch. It would also be nice to see the next iPhone go back to having a camera that was flush with the phone body, instead of protruding as it does on the iPhone 6.

4. A Flexible Frame Could Boost the Next iPhone’s Cred

Learn more about the iPhone 6’s “Bendgate” scandal in the video above.

A user on the MacRumors forum said that he saw his iPhone 6 bend over the course of just 18 hours in his pocket. The “Bendgate” scandal caused Apple a lot of headaches after the iPhone 6 was released.

Despite surprisingly good showings in a number of drop test videos and torture test videos, the iPhone 6 does seem to have a bending problem. How much of it is user error and how much is a manufacturing issue is a matter of debate. Apple has responded to criticism about the iPhone 6’s bendability, stating that only nine users have experienced this bending problem. The company has instructed Apple Store employees to replace any affected iPhone 6 units that are under warranty, following a visual inspection.

To combat Bendgate, Apple should consider making their next version of the iPhone intentionally bendable. With flexible sapphire glass and a body inspired by phones like the LG G Flex, Apple could turn a scandal into a perk.

5. The Next iPhone Will Be Waterproof

The video above shows concept art for a water-resistant version of the iPhone 6.

Many smartphones on the market today are water-resistant to IP67 standards, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony’s Xperia line of phones. It seems like that Apple really should create waterproof phones in order to stay competitive.

IP67 waterproofing makes the phones waterproof, but not under extreme situations. A phone with IP67 waterproofing should not be submerged at depths exceeding 1 meter, nor should it stay submerged for over 30 minutes. Apple could really up the competition if they created a truly waterproof, IP68-rated smartphone.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 is REALLY not waterproof. You can see just how badly this phone reacts to being submerged in water in these epic iPhone 6 torture test videos. There is technology that exists that can coat the phone itself in a hydrophobic material, as well as a process for making the very circuit boards of the phone water resistant. Apple should consider implementing some of these waterproof case alternatives on their next iPhone.

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