WATCH: ASUS Teases Inexpensive ZenWatch for IFA 2014

ASUS has released a teaser video for their ZenWatch, which will debut at IFA 2014. This watch will make smartwatches more affordable for the masses. Check out the teaser in the video above.

ASUS may not be a huge name in the smartwatch world, but all that could change. TechRadar has called the ZenWatch “the cheapest, feature rich Android Wear smartwatch yet.” The new watch, which is expected to go on sale in the US this October, will retail for under $199. Just how much under that figure has yet to be revealed.

As a basis for comparison, you can buy a Samsung Gear Live for about $200, or get a LG G Watch for about $220. The “under $199” price tag for the ZenWatch is less than half of what the iWatch is rumored to cost.

Want more info? Check out the ASUS Facebook page for additional details ahead of the big reveal. You can also learn more about what to expect at this year’s IFA by reading this article, or take a look at the cool products that debuted at IFAs past in this photo gallery.