WATCH: Controversial iPhone 6 Unboxing Video

Apple iPhone 6 Unboxing: First on YouTube!Apple iPhone 6: We take a look at what's inside the box of the new iPhone 6 from Apple. YouTube: Subscribe: Website: Twitter: Facebook:

YouTube is littered with “real” iPhone 6 unboxing videos, the majority of which are fakes or cloned devices. The video above claims to be the first legit iPhone 6 unboxing video. Check it out and see what you think.

The video itself comes from T3, a respected gadget review site. That alone would seem to give the video an air of legitimacy, but some Apple fans argue that this unboxing video smells fishy.

Here’s the short and sweet YouTube video description T3 provided:

“Apple iPhone 6: We take a look at what’s inside the box of the new iPhone 6 from Apple.”

While Mac Rumors has referred to the video above as the “First iPhone 6 Unboxing Video,” commenters on the post have questioned the unboxing video’s legitimacy, noting that the box doesn’t have a color photo of the iPhone on the front. They also point out the lack of included Apple stickers, and the lack of protective plastic on the phone itself.

The iPhone 6 comes out tomorrow, September 19. It will be available in three colors, and in three storage options: the 16GB ($199), the 64GB ($299), and the 128GB ($399). The 6 Plus has three options, too: the 16GB ($299), the 64GB ($399), and the 128GB ($499). Prices are, of course, higher if you buy a phone off-contract. If you buy off-contract through T-Mobile, expect to pay at least $649.

The new iPhones will run iOS 8, which got its public launch on September 17. You can check out our gallery of what’s new in iOS 8, or check out this video guide to iOS 8.

We’ll have to wait until the general public has their new iPhones in hand to know how accurate the T3 unboxing video is for certain. The consensus is that this iPhone 6 unboxing video is real, but some people still refuse to believe it. What do you think?