WATCH: iPhone 6 Revealed in Russian YouTube Video

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This video claims to show a real iPhone 6 next to an iPhone 5s. Watch it and weigh in about whether this phone is the real deal in the comments below.

Here’s what CNET has to say about the provenance of the video above:

“Unlike some other leaked images and videos that have surfaced on the Web, this one (watch below) shows what appears to be a fully assembled iPhone 6 next to a current iPhone 5S. Although the video’s accuracy cannot be confirmed, it’s arguably the best video so far showing the rumored iPhone 6.”

iPhone 6 hands-onnew luxury version of iPhone 6 will be here: Music credits: Chris Clark – Early Moss

You can compare the video above to the “homemade” version of the iPhone 6 made by Feld & Volk. The company was able to make their own “Franken-iPhone 6” from the leaked parts and components its managed to scrounge up so far. Check out their version of the iPhone 6 above to see how it compares to this Russian leak.

The real iPhone 6 will debut onstage at an Apple event on September 9.

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