WATCH: Siri vs. Cortana in Microsoft’s New Commercial

Microsoft’s got a new commercial, and they aren’t being shy about calling out Siri. Check out the new “Mirror, Mirror” spot above, which showcases all the things that Cortana can do better than Siri.

The commercial also calls out the iPhone’s speakers: Siri says she has just one speaker, and she’s “sitting on it,” a reference to the placement of the speaker on the iPhone. In contrast, the HTC One (M8) for Windows featured in the ad has two speakers.

Mac Rumors notes that “a Windows Phone manager…stated in June that Microsoft would like Cortana to be on other mobile platforms, perhaps hinting at an expansion of the assistant to iOS and Android.”

Looking for some Siri pro tips? The video above outlines some clever phrases you can use to get Siri to respond to your questions the first time you ask them, which will appeal to anyone who has ever been frustrated by Siri’s inability to understand them.

With competitors taking potshots at Siri, it will be interesting to see if Apple introduces any major improvements to the voice assistant system at their iPhone 6 keynote next week.