Android L (Lollipop): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

android lollipop


After releasing a series of Android L teasers earlier in the week, Google has finally announced Android L. We know know that Android L stands for Android “Lollipop.” Here’s what you need to know about this sweet new version of Android.

1. Many Other Names Were Considered for Android L


Android has a history of using sweets as the names of their new versions. Past versions of Android have included KitKat, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb, among many other sweet names.

As we reported earlier this year, other “L” sweets considered worthy of the next Android name included Laffy Taffy, Lion (named after a British candy bar), Licorice, or Lime Pie.

2. Android Lollipop Will Ship With the New Nexus Devices

Google Android Ads: "Winnebago"2014-10-14T12:26:22Z

In the “Winnebago” spot above from Google, you can see a bunch of different Android users rocking out in a Winnebago. This spot was designed to tease the new line of Android L devices.

Lollipop and will be shipping with the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 in the coming weeks.

3. Android L Developer Preview Is Already Available

Top 5 Best Android L Features!Android L features on the Nexus 5. This is everything you need to know about the best of it! Android L wallpaper: Android L keyboard: 1. Lockscreen [0:29] 2. Notifications [1:31] 3. Material Design [2:47] 4. Settings [4:08] 5. The little things [5:06] Android L showcase: Nexus 5 Review: Video Gear…2014-06-28T21:18:44Z

Android L is almost here. Check out the video above, which reveals some of the best features in Android Lollipop. These features include the new lock screen, notifications, settings, and material design.

If you want to play around with Android L before the new Nexus devices launch, you can learn how to download the developer preview of L here.

4. Android L Is Great for Business


BBC News writes that Android L’s engineering chief, Hiroshi Lockheimer, wants Android L to be used by business clients. Here’s what he told the BBC:

“‘We wanted to make sure that Lollipop is designed in such way that corporations are happy to endorse it.’ [Lockheimer said.]

One example of this, he said, was the ability for a user to have both a personal and work ‘personality’ on a single device – and the ability to switch ‘seamlessly’ between them.”

5. Android L Will Power More Than Just Phones & Tablets

Re/code notes that Android L is going to be used in devices beyond the expected smartphones and tablets that Android has powered in the past. The Asus-built Nexus Player, a $99 set-top box, will also run on Android Lollipop. Android L can also power televisions, watches, and in-car entertainment systems.

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