Moov Fitness Tracker: The Only Review You Need to Read

Moov Run & Walk Wearable Coaching + TrackingOrder now, get a discount off the retail price! Follow us to get the latest updates: 60+ Reviews and stories from media. Moov provides real-time coaching feedback and actionable insights, bringing your run to a new level. COACHING PHILOSOPHY for an effective workout: It's not that you run, it…2014-08-05T05:02:26Z

The Moov Fitness Tracker is one of the most advanced wearables on the planet. You can learn how it works in the video above. Moov rocketed onto the scene earlier this year with a crowdfunding campaign that took the Internet by storm. In 90 minutes, the company met their fundraising goal. In its first two weeks, the company sold $1 million worth of Moov units. Moov started shipping the first Moov trackers to backers earlier this summer. Now that I’ve had mine for a couple of months, and the software that goes along with the Moov has been updated a few times, I’m ready to share my experiences with this impressive fitness wearable. Here’s my review of the Moov.

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1. Price

The magic behind The technology behind Moov. Rocket sensors with 3D movement sensing. Moov applies the 3D accurate motion sensing into fitness, game and sports.2014-02-27T19:59:18Z

Get a look at the technology that powers Moov in the video above.

As of this writing, Moov is available for $79.95 from the Moov website. The price is expected to increase to $120 after the “pre-order” period is over. Moov is open to new orders, but if you order this month, you might not get your Moov delivered until November or December.
That $80 price tag means the Moov costs less than many other popular fitness wearables, including the new Jawbone UP 24 which retails for $129, or the $150 Samsung Gear Fit.

Hate waiting, or want a bargain? Sellers on Amazon have Moovs for sale starting at under $65. Get a Moov here.

2. Functionality & Supported Apps

Moov Cardio Boxing Wearable Coaching + TrackingOrder now, get a discount off the retail price! Follow us to get the latest updates: 60+ Reviews and stories from media. The toughest sport meets the most advanced wearable. Moov wearable is not just about tracking, but attacking. "It is like Dance Dance Revolution or Kinect without console…2014-10-01T16:01:15Z

Check out Moov’s cardio boxing experience in the video above.

Right now, Moov is an iPhone-only affair. However, Android support is coming in November. Moov can be worn at the ankle, or around your wrist, and you use the tracker with one of Moov’s supported apps. As of this writing, Moov has two apps: Moov Run & Walk, and Moov Boxing. Additional apps for cycling, swimming, and managing your body weight are in the works.

Select the activity you want to do from within the app menu, and the Moov will speak through your headphones to guide you through your workout. You can adjust the intensity of your workout from within the app. After your workout is done, the app will tell you how many calories you burned, along with providing you data about how this workout stacks up to your past efforts.

3. Comfort & Skin Irritation

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You can’t talk about fitness trackers without discussing how comfortable they are. The Fitbit Force (pictured above) made headlines earlier this year after Fitbit recalled the device. Users of the Fitbit Force claimed they were suffering from skin irritation.

The Moov isn’t designed to be worn all day, so skin irritation is less of an issue than with a Fitbit. I have exceptionally sensitive skin that is prone to hives and heat rash, so when I say that the Moov is comfortable for prolonged wear, you can believe it. Whether you place the Moov on your wrist or around your ankle, it’s very comfortable.

I have had the Moov pop off my ankle once or twice while running, however, and that can be annoying. The Moov comes with a wristband and an ankle band, making it easy to find something that fits your body type.

4. Battery Life

The battery life on the Moov is insane. I’m not really sure how else to put it. The Moov lets you know when your battery is getting low by glowing red, but I’ve been able to go for weeks between charges. If you’re training really hard for several hours every day, that may not hold true for you.

However, if your personal exercise program is light to moderate, you can expect to go for at least a week between charges. Considering how poor battery life is on some other wearables, the Moov’s battery life is definitely one of its best features.

5. Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The Moov’s real-time coaching makes this wearable something unique in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. Being able to get advice in real time will correct your form, make you less prone to injury, and, in the case of running, make you a heck of a lot faster. It’s pretty telling that after just two outings with my Moov, I shaved an entire two minutes off my average per-mile run time. That real-time feedback really makes a difference, and there’s nothing else quite like Moov in the marketplace right now.

Moov is ideal for anyone who is new to fitness, and the gamification of exercise will definitely keep you motivated. In addition to appealing to beginners, Moov is also great for intermediate and advanced fitness freaks. Moov is great for anyone who is working without a coach, and feels like they’ve reached a plateau.

If you’re planning on buying a wearable fitness tracker and getting serious about losing weight, the Moov is one of your best options. It’s relatively inexpensive, provides real-time feedback, helps keep you motivated, and fits most people comfortably. This would make a great holiday gift, but it makes an even better gift for yourself.

Ready to buy? Get a Moov here.

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