New iPad Air 2: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

new iPad air


The original iPad Air, pictured above on the left next to an iPad Mini, was first released about a year ago. On October 16, Apple is holding an event to debut the new iPad Air 2. Some other new products are also rumored, but the ultra-thin and ultra-powerful iPad Air 2 is expected to be the star of the show. Read on to see everything we think we know about this new iPad Air.

1. New iPads Are Coming at an Apple Event on October 16

Apple iPad Air reviewThe iPad Air is a refinement of what's come before — it's thinner, lighter, and faster than its predecessors, but at its core, little has changed. Join Nilay Patel for a hands-on review of Apple's newest iPad, and be sure to read the full review at the link below: More from The Verge: Subscribe:…2013-11-04T17:43:15Z

Check out the Verge’s review of the current generation iPad Air above.

Apple has an event planned for October 16. The event will be streamed live across multiple platforms, including the Apple TV, iOS devices, and any compatible device running Safari. Check out our guide to watching Apple livestreams to learn more.

Other rumored products we might see at the Apple event on October 16 include a new iMac with a 5k display, a new Mac mini, and a refresh for the iPad Mini line. If the timeline of last year’s iPad release is anything to go by, you can expect to be able to buy a new iPad Air 2 by early November, if not sooner.

2. The Leaked iPad Air 2 Was Likely a Dummy Unit

The iPad Air 2 leaked images you may have seen earlier this month are likely a dummy unit. The images can be seen in the tweet above. These dummy units are used to show the dimensions of the tablet for purposes of making accessories like cases or peripherals.

While an exact release date for the iPad Air 2 has not been announced, the Daily Mail says it could be on sale as early as October 24.

3. More New iPads Are Also Coming Soon

You can expect new iPad Air and iPad Mini models at Apple’s upcoming event, along with a new “iPad Pro” next year. This rumored tablet is likely to be between 12 and 13 inches, and may have multi-window capabilities.

According to Mac Rumors, Samsung is likely providing Apple with display panels for both the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. It might seem odd that Samsung is supplying parts to one of their biggest rivals, but a partnership between Samsung and Apple isn’t entirely unprecedented. In fact, Samsung supplied some of the A8 chips used in the new iPhone 6.

4. The New iPad Will Run on A8X Chips, Modified From iPhone 6 Chips

According to 9to5Mac, the iPad Pro will run on an enhanced version of the A8 chip that powers the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This so-called A8X chip is said to be more powerful, though exact specifications have yet to be leaked. The new iPad Air is also expected to run on this chip.

5. Apple Needs the iPad Launch to Go Off Without a Hitch

#Hairgate is Not a Thing | MashableHairgate is apparently the iPhone 6's latest problem. We put the phone to the test — does it really snag hair? Is your beard at risk? LIKE us on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW us on TWITTER: FOLLOW us on TUMBLR: FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM: JOIN our circle on GOOGLE PLUS: Subscribe!:…2014-10-06T21:01:13Z

In the video above from Mashable, Christina Warren argues that Hairgate is simply not a real problem iPhone 6 owners need to worry about. You can watch both men and women try to get their hair caught in the iPhone 6 in the video above.

Apple has had to contend with some serious PR issues in the wake of the iPhone 6’s release, so it will be crucial for Apple’s iPad launch to go off without a hitch. The days and weeks after the iPhone 6 launch were littered with controversial news about the new iPhones.

Between issues with iOS 8, the “Bendgate” scandal, and the more recent “Hairgate” controversy, the iPhone 6 launch has definitely been anything but smooth. Chances are, the iPad will be able to dodge any issues with bending and hair-pulling, since it is used in a very different way than an iPhone.

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