New iPads: The Photos You Need to See

Apple is ready to unveil their new iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets. Apple's Keynote event for the new iPads is set to take place on October 16 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. Check back throughout the keynote event from Cupertino, and during the rest of the afternoon, as we'll be updating this gallery frequently with the latest photos of Apple's new iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets. We'll also be posting articles with all the latest breaking news about the specs and features of these new tablets, so stick around and check them out. The launch of the new iPads comes just one day after Google announced a fleet of new Nexus products, including the new Nexus 9 tablet, the Nexus 6 smartphone, and the Nexus Player, all of which are powered by Android L. Some tech fans assumed that Apple "leaked" the renders of the new iPad yesterday as a way to steal Google's thunder, but others believe the "outing" of the new tablets was truly an accident. Either way, Google's new Nexus 9 will compete against Apple's new tablets for dominance in the increasingly crowded tablet marketplace. Apple's new iPad Air and iPad Mini are very exciting to Apple fans, but there was some talk before the Apple keynote event that the iPad line might take a sales hit because of the success of the new iPhone 6 Plus. Because the 6 Plus is so large, it really takes the place of an iPad Mini for some Apple customers. Not expected to appear at the October 16 Apple event is the rumored iPad Pro, a 12-inch tablet designed for business. This rumored tablet is expected to debut in early 2015. Some say this new iPad will support a dual-window view of apps, allowing for better multitasking. (Getty)

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