Top 5 Best Cool Gadgets That Make Unique Christmas Gifts

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Shopping for Christmas gifts can be really stressful, especially when you’re trying to find a gift that’s unique and outside of the box. The following list of cool gadgets and gizmos are the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who really matters to you. Whether you’re trying to impress your boss or your family, these unique Christmas gifts will really get you noticed. Check out these cool gadgets!

1. Garmin Approach G8 Golf Course GPS

Get a closer look at this cool gadget in the video above.

If someone on your gift list is planning a golf trip this winter, this would be a really thoughtful and unique Christmas gift. This would be a great gift for your dad, your mom, a co-worker, or any golfing fan in your life.

For those who prefer a dedicated GPS device for golfing (rather than a phone app), the Approach G8 is a smart way to see what’s between you and the pin. It is small and lightweight, but has a screen that’s big enough to be read with ease. Pair it with this handy golf trolley caddy, and you’re good to go.

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  • Two screen size options to choose from
  • Trusted name
  • Device automatically updates courses with a Wi-Fi connection for no additional charge
  • Distances adjusted based on whether shot is uphill or downhill
  • PinPointer blind shot assistance

  • Cons:
  • Bulky
  • If you’re already carrying a smartphone, this seems like overkill
  • Screen may suffer from glare in direct sunlight
  • Very expensive
  • Note that not all screen sizes support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

  • 2. Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Cycling Speed & Cadence Sensor

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    (Wahoo Fitness)

    This Wahoo Fitness sensor is used to track both your current cycling speed, as well as your cadence (aka pedal rotation.) It syncs seamlessly with a number of popular fitness/cycling apps, and will also appeal to people who own other Wahoo products, such as heart rate monitors.

    This is a unique Christmas gift for any gadget freak who is also trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. And considering how many people start a new exercise program after the holidays, this is a gift that will definitely appeal to most of the people on your gift list.

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  • Tracks bike speed, pedal rotation (cadence), and lifetime mileage
  • Works with numerous apps
  • Syncs quickly over Bluetooth with your iPhone
  • Battery will last for about a year before needing to be replaced
  • IPX7 waterproof certification

  • Cons:
  • Does not work with iPhone models prior to the 4s
  • Cadence detection can require some troubleshooting
  • Hard to find optimal placement on some bike models
  • Will take 5-10 minutes to set up
  • Some users have complained about sub-par tech support

  • 3. Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection

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    If someone on your Christmas list has a need for speed, this auto accessory makes a great gift. This radar detector alerts your dad to the presence of police running radar speed checks. Santa may know whether you’ve been naughty or nice, but the cops will be none the wiser. (Note: radar detectors are not legal in all states or jurisdictions, use this product in accordance with your local laws.)

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  • Compact unit detects all 14 radar/laser bands at greater range than its predecessor
  • Cheaper than some of its competitors
  • City/highway modes allow the user to minimize false positives
  • Lightweight
  • One-year warranty

  • Cons:
  • Lacks voice alert feature found on higher-end models
  • No touchscreen
  • No GPS-based Compass
  • Some users find detection doesn’t beep early enough
  • Some users have reported issues with start-up

  • 4. Ivation Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer

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    In December, it’s usually a bit too cold to stand out in front of the grill. This wireless meat thermometer is great for BBQing because you can put some distance between you and your Weber grill. Still, for fans of year-round grilling or serious cooks, this thoughtful gift will definitely improve anyone’s kitchen.

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  • Wireless, works from up to 300 feet away
  • Alerts you when temp is over your desired setting
  • Works at temps up to 572°F
  • Cute design
  • Backlit design lets you use the device at night

  • Cons:
  • Food probe wire limited to six inches, this may be too short for some mammoth primal cuts
  • Probe wires are only heat resistant to 716°F
  • Runs on batteries, which must be replaced over time
  • Can be less accurate on thinner cuts of meat
  • Some user reviews indicate probe reports temp higher than it actually is

  • 5. Jawbone UP

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    There are a lot of fitness tracking wristbands out there, but the Jawbone UP has gotten top marks in a lot of device comparisons. It also has a sleeker look than many other fitness bands, which is great if your mom or girlfriend wants to look fashionable while they get fit.

    The UP has a long-lasting battery, and can also be beneficial for people who aren’t actively trying to lose weight. Because it tracks your sleep cycles, the UP can wake you at just the perfect moment in your sleep cycle, allowing you to feel refreshed. Out of all the unique Christmas gifts out there, a good night’s sleep is one of the best things money can buy. And after all the stress of the holiday season, this is one cool gadget that will be much appreciated.

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  • Available in three sizes to give your Mom a perfect fit
  • Comes in six fashionable colors
  • 10 days of battery life
  • Compatible with devices running Android 4.0 or later, and iOS 6.0 or later
  • Great for tracking both activity and sleep patterns

  • Cons:
  • A little on the expensive side
  • User has to remember to press a button to switch between sleep mode and day mode
  • Some users have had bands die on them after a few months
  • No on-device display panel
  • Inputing data in the Jawbone app can be time-consuming

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