Top 5 Best Nexus 9 Tablet Accessories

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The new Nexus 9 tablet starts at $399. You can order this powerful tablet here. Whether the new Nexus 9 tablet is your first tablet or your 50th, the following accessories will help you get the most out of your new tab. Read on to see which Nexus 9 accessories made our list.

1. ProCase Nexus 9 Case

nexus 9 case


If you want to protect your new Nexus 9 from dings and scratches, then this attractive case from ProCase is a great choice. This case is available in multiple bright colors, which brightens up the relatively neutral colors the Nexus 9 itself comes in. This is a great case for people who do a lot of video conferencing, video calls, or anyone who likes to have a movie on in the background while they work.

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  • Built-in stand
  • Full access to all features
  • Built-in slot for your stylus
  • Makes tablet easier to grip
  • Available in multiple colors

  • Cons:

  • Won’t ship until November 29
  • Grip handle may not appeal to all users
  • Comes with a free stylus, but it may not be the best quality stylus
  • Deep discount on case may not inspire confidence in some consumers
  • Hides the beauty of the tablet itself

  • 2. HTC Stereo Headphones

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    Available for around $40, these mid-range headphones offer premium sound. The Google Nexus 9 is actually made by HTC. While the Nexus 9 may have those nice front-facing HTC BoomSound™ speakers, there are times when you want to use your tablet with your headphones on. HTC headphones with an HTC tablet? It just makes sense.

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  • Multiple earbud sizes
  • Flat, tangle-free cable
  • Cheaper than many premium audio earbuds
  • In-line mic and controller
  • Compatible with HTC’s exclusive enhanced audio profile

  • Cons:

  • Few color options to choose from
  • Some users have complained of crackling sound
  • May be too bass-heavy for some
  • Some users find earbuds uncomfortable

  • 3. Mobi-Lens Combo Pack

    MobiLens ReviewPurchase Here: Our Website: Our Twitter: Our Facebook:

    Check out a review of Mobi-Lens in the video above.

    The Nexus 9 has a great camera, and its lightweight design actually makes it comfortable to use for taking pictures. If you’re a photography fan, the Mobi-Lens kit can be used on your tablet or your smartphone.

    Mobi-Lens is a camera accessory that works on multiple types of smartphones. The clothes pin-inspired design lets you place the lens over your existing camera lens. The combo pack includes both the Wide+Macro and Fisheye Mobi-Lens. If you want to take your new Nexus 9’s camera to the next level, this little photography kit is a smart buy.

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  • Universal design
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple lens types available
  • Comes in four bold colors
  • Clippable design makes it easy to store on the go

  • Cons:

  • Some find the design ugly
  • Can be tricky to get aligned just right with your phone’s camera
  • If you have a thick case on your device, it can impact the look of your image
  • May not feel premium enough for serious photographers
  • Macro lens requires you to be quite close to the subject

  • 4. PowerGen External Battery Pack

    PowerGen PGMPP6000 6000mAh External Battery Pack (w/Imbedded Micro Cable) Unboxing and ReviewI got this from Amazon because free shipping is awesome and I got this for a good price. I added the link for you folks just in case. Rate, comment, and subscribe. This channel will review anything from electronics, fitness,etc. I hope to do some give aways in the near future. Maybe when my…2013-03-30T06:55:10.000Z

    Check out an unboxing and review of this battery pack in the video above.

    This PowerGen pack holds a whopping 6000mAh charge, allowing you to charge multiple phones, or recharge a smaller device multiple times. Since the Nexus 9 has a 6700 mAh battery, this charger won’t quite give you a full charge, but it’s pretty close. If you love your Android device but wish you had better battery life, this external battery pack is a smart buy.

    The new Nexus 9 has a microUSB port for charging. This external battery pack has both a USB charger, as well as an embedded microUSB charger.

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  • Works with multiple devices from Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and more
  • Large capacity: 6000mAh
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Embedded Micro-USB (no need for an extra cable)
  • Compliant with international safety standards

  • Cons:

  • PowerGen does have some other battery packs that have even larger capacities
  • Only offers 500 or so recharge cycles over the life of the battery
  • Power Pack only comes with a one-year limited replacement warranty
  • Takes at least 120 minutes to fully recharge
  • Doesn’t come with a dedicated wall plug charger (the USB-to-micro-USB cable can be plugged in to a computer to charge)

  • 5. Nyko Playpad Pro

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    Android gamers who prefer to play with a controller should definitely check out the Nyko Playpad Pro. This gaming peripheral works with any Android device with Bluetooth capability, provided it runs at least Android 3.0, so it should work just fine with the new Nexus line, and any other relatively new Android devices you’ve got kicking around. That being said, there may be some unexpected bugs at first as Nyko works out the kinks with Android L devices.

    Packed with plenty of buttons to accommodate all kinds of game types, this ergonomic controller will appeal to fans of button mashers, retro games, and today’s action-packed hits. The Playpad Pro is a great accessory for anyone who feels limited by touchscreen controls during their extended gaming sessions on a tablet.

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  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Works with multiple Android device types (any Android 3.0 device or higher with Bluetooth)
  • Optimized HID protocol for Tegra 3 based devices and games
  • Includes Nyko’s free Playground app for customization
  • Wireless

  • Cons:

  • Compatible with hundreds of titles, but thousands would be more impressive
  • Firmware issues make this controller problematic for Windows 8.1 tablets, if you happen to have one of those as well
  • Some user reviews complain that pairing with devices doesn’t always go smoothly
  • Game compatibility may be affected depending on where you purchased your games (Google Play or Amazon)
  • Sticky buttons

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